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3 Breathing Exercises That Ward Off Anxiety And Stress

Breathing: Sometimes nerves, anguish, or stress cause a “knot” in the chest that oppresses you and does not let you breathe. An expert Proposes 3 exercises that help in those moments.

1. Breadth in Your Chest

Rest the palms of your hands on the ends of a bar of about a meter (you can use a dustpan or short broomstick).

Raise it over your head, opening your chest broad and slowly lower again. Do 10 reps.

With the stick raised above your head, tilt your trunk to one side and the other gently, without displacing your hips. Feel the ribs move.

2. Free the Ribs

Lie on your back with your legs bent and place your hands in the inverted V that your ribs form.

Take a deep breath and feel your ribs open as you do so.

Now breathe out slowly, gently, and notice how the ribs “come together” again. Do this breath 10 times.

3. Open the Side

Sit in a chair one foot from a table and support the side of your arm and scapula (the back of your shoulder).

With your hands on the back of your neck and your elbows forward, look up at the ceiling, rotating your trunk a little and feeling the entire chest area open.

Breathe gently in this position 5 times and then switch sides and repeat.

4. Relieves Pressure on the Chest

The accumulated tension can affect the muscles of the neck or other points of the back, causing contractures and pain; it also blocks the ribs. It creates a sensation of pressure that prevents proper breathing.

An expert in manual therapies proposes 3 exercises that help in these cases as they open the ribs and regain their flexibility, leaving the lungs “free.” They will only take a few minutes, but you will quickly feel great relaxation.

5. Posture Reveals Your Anxiety

People under stress or are going through a period of distress often walk with a hunched back, shoulders slumped, and head lowered.

This pose “closes” the ribs and chest and makes it difficult to breathe fully.

Changing your posture will also help you avoid the contractures typical of the accumulation of tension and will better regulate your breathing. Walk with your shoulders back and your chin away from your chest. The abdomen contracted (without straining ).

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