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Burning, Ulcer, Gastritis. How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain?

If your stomach pain either from indigestion, burning, ulcer, or gastritis, there are small gestures that can relieve you.

1. How to Get Rid of Stomach Pain

a. Dress Tight, Not Tight

Forget about very tight clothes if your stomach hurts. You’ve been eating or something more serious, such as an ulcer, dyspepsia, gastritis, or other stomach ailments, avoid belts or belts that squeeze the belly. Dress in comfortable clothing, which fits your figure without compressing it.

b. Sleep on the Left Side

Both the belly and the pancreas are on the left side of the body, so sleeping on this side favors gastric juices channeled better, and pancreatic enzymes secreted more easily.

And raise the head of your bed or use two pillows to relax slightly tilted, which prevents gastric fluids from going up the esophagus, causing reflux and burning.

Sleep on the left side

c. First of All, Be Very Calm

Both the stomach and intestines are highly innervated organs (covered with nerves), making them very sensitive to stress.

If you are having a particularly stressful time, and have bad digestions, find a way to disconnect (read, play sports, listen to music, go to the movies ).

d. Unbutton the Jean Button

If the button on your pants gets stuck, unbutton it and lower the zipper a couple of centimeters so that your stomach is not compressed. An outside shirt or shirt will hide it, and you will feel more relieved.

e. Do You Take Antacids?

If you have been taking antacids for a long time, they may have altered your stomach’s pH and cause discomfort. And if you take medication for any other health problem, think that certain drugs can cause burning.

f. Sport, Yes or No?

Not after eating. It would help if you were as calm as possible while you digest, so no sudden movements, squatting, or lifting. Then yes, because sport helps activate the bowel movement, and this relieves the stomach.

Sport, yes or no

g. Give Yourself a Massage

Draw circles clockwise from the navel and gradually expanding to the rest of the belly. But don’t do it right after eating.

As you have seen, there are small gestures that can help you find relief and take away your stomach pain. You are eating with your friends, and you have a great time without depriving yourself of anything.

Coffee is added to wine and, perhaps, even a cigarette. You are laughing a little when your stomach starts to bother you. The spree is over!

2. What Can This Heartburn Be

The burning sensation that you notice in the stomach and that sometimes reaches the mouth is a burning that, if you suffer frequently, can be due to an ulcer, dyspepsia, gastritis, or other stomach ailments. And if you notice an acid regurgitation, like vomiting, but without effort, it can be a hiatus hernia.

3. What if It Were a Bacteria?

The most common cause of gastric and villus ulcers is infection with a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. To diagnose it, an endoscopy or a breath test may be necessary.

The good news is that, if the bacteria’s presence is confirmed, this has an easy solution because it is eliminated with a short course of antibiotics.

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