Butcher Knife: Best Butcher Knives for Your Kitchen

A butcher knife or butcher’s blade is a knife designed and utilized essentially for the butchering or dressing of animal carcases. Today the butcher knife is utilized throughout the world in the meat processing trade. The heftier edge functions well for splitting, stripping and cutting meat. The French chef’s knife derivation of the butcher knife and is used as an overall utility knife.

Other comparable meat-cutting knives include the carving knife and the cleaver. The carving knife ordinarily is designed for cutting thin cuts of meat and regularly has a blunt or rounded point, with a scalloped or Granton blade to improve the separation of sliced cuts of meat. The cleaver is similar to the butcher’s knife but has a lighter and more slender sharp edge for precision cutting.

1. How to Pick the Best Butcher’s Knife

Before you get shopping, here is all you require to think about a butcher’s knife:

a. Balance

When buying butcher’s knives (and all knives), make sure to hold them before purchasing. All knives feel dissimilar from their handle to their heft. A few knives feature an end to end, which implies the blade runs through the handle.

Full tang knives are accepted to be better adjusted and are essential for users who like the feel of a heavier knife. A well-balanced knife gives more control over the blade, permitting you to fully carry out all your butchering tasks.

b. Size

Most butcher knives range in span from six inches to 14 inches. The more modest sizes are useful for smaller pieces of meat, like poultry or chops, while the more significant is useful for greater hunks, similar venison. The smaller knives are likewise helpful for getting around the bone, while the bigger knives are best for skinning in one long swipe.

In addition to their various uses, smaller butcher knives are more portable, making them good options for outdoor utilization such as hunting or camping. Eight to 10-inch butcher knives are famous for home chefs, while professional cooks commonly use the bigger sizes.

c. Blade

Butcher knives generally have thicker blades than different knives. They’re made of sturdy steel, which permits you to get through tough pieces of meat without the fear of breaking or chipping. Some have a little bend to them, similar to a boning knife or a filleting knife, useful for getting around the bone.

The less flexible butcher helps cleave and even break through the occasional bone. An overly sharp blade is significant for butchering, as is edge maintenance, so be sure to choose high carbon stainless steel, which is known for holding its sharpness for quite a while.

d. Handle

There are numerous sorts of knife handles to choose from. Some are wooden; different is plastic or steel. Some textured handles feel very slip-resistant, which is the style we incline toward because butchering can get slippery.

Wooden handles have more of a conventional feel to them but require more maintenance because they can get harsh over time. After washing and drying totally, rub wooden handles with mineral oil to help safeguard them.

2. The Best Butcher Knives for Your Kitchen

Since we have introduced the necessary information required to be comfortable with a butcher knife, we assemble a list of the top 5 butcher knives accessible in the market that would suit your daily needs.

a. Victorinox Cutlery Butcher Knife

With hundreds of years of knife forging history, Victorinox has been employing its supreme knife quality to this date. So, if you’re looking for an expert butcher knife that you can likewise use at home, this has got to be it. What’s incredible about this is that it offers excellent slicing flexibility. It’s extraordinary for proficient use, home use, and even outside use.

On the downside, though, regardless of how versatile it may be, it is not portable because of its size. Still, it’s a great tool to possess in outside barbecues and hunting sprees because it offers a broad scope of utilization.

b. Titan Pro Butcher Knife

Despite the Titan knife comes in different sizes for its butcher knife selection, I prefer the use of its 10-inch blade. It is eminent when cutting up more significant pieces of meat and also great for that backyard barbecue. I’m almost sure that it’s going to be your go-to BBQ knife when you buy this item.

Since it is made to oblige both expert and practical use, the knife is well-balanced. It is simple on the hold and offers an incredible feel on your fingers and palm. Besides the outside barbecues and their durability, you’ll love that this is corrosion-proof. Next to it is made of stainless steel. It won’t merely rust or corrode.

c. Rada Cutlery Old Fashioned Butcher Knife

What you’ll cherish about the Rada Cutlery Old Fashioned Butcher Knife is its ergonomic handle which is incredibly agreeable to grip and hold. Though this knife is lightweight, it offers a seriously tough cutting and chopping ability.

d. Global Gf Butcher Knife

Who wouldn’t love a knife that looks amazing on your kitchen countertop? The Global Heavyweight Butcher Knife honestly does look amazing. With its attractive looks come great use and function.

It does lean on the heavier side; however, since it is pretty thin, the full metal knife offers an additional weight for better meat slicing. So regardless of whether you have an extreme game on your counter or a couple of veggies that need dicing, you are sure that you’re going to have a precise charming every time. And for that reason, this makes an incredible knife for a serious home chef.

e. Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife

The Ontario Knife’s long solid history gives each home kitchen the best durable knives. Regardless of whether you utilize the blade and pound it to slash a gigantic chunk of meat in half, it resists all that pressure and substantial utilization and still keeps its edge. The accuracy of the Old Hickory Butcher Knife is sure settling one of the best choices.

This forged knife is flawlessly made to fulfil each kitchen’s cutting standards. It offers a long term service in your hands. Since it utilizes the more conventional method of making knives, Ontario Knife is very affordable, making it an ideal fit for any kitchen and serious home cooks.

3. Butcher Knife Set – Each of the Cutters

A stainless steel butcher knife set contains knives for cutting and carving meat into its final structure.

a. Boning Knife

Assist in cutting and slicing meats from bones, fish, poultry. They are portrayed by having a flexible, thin long blade. With either a straight or bent blade depending on its application, the edge is likewise thinner in contrast to a carving knife giving way for expanded mobility to cut around bones and sinew.

b. Chef Knife

The chef knife is a multi-purpose knife intended to perform well at various undertakings instead of specialising in any one reason. Variations typically observed are the German/French/Japanese chef butcher knives. They are utilized for mincing, cutting meat, chopping vegetables and disjointing large cuts—a must-have in any kitchen.

Source: Wikipedia

c. Carving Knife

They are designed explicitly to carve out the specific amount and quality of meat and are characterised by a sharp point. With a long slender blade, this knife will slice through cartilage with relative ease to get as much meat as could be expected.

The blade on a carving knife is ordinarily more extensive, making it more straightforward to keep the regulation of the cuts straight, and they regularly have scalloped edges to stay away from any cuisine sticking to the blade while cutting.

Carving knives are generally utilized for food preparations as their enormous edges make it more quick and convenient to achieve kitchen assignments. They are used to slice fine cuts of meat and roasts, ham, poultry, and other prepared meats.

d. Slicing Knife

A knife used to cut slices of prepare or smoked meat, poultry, and fish. The edge on a Slicing knife is lengthy (typically 8 to 12 inches in length), thin, and constructed with a round or pointed tip.

Flexible blades are made for firmer fleshed food items, such as dry sausages or prosciutto, while unbending blades are made for fleshed things with a more moist texture, such as baked hams.

e. Filleting Knife

A ‘fillet’ is a fleshy boneless bit of meat, so it just goes to say that a fillet knife is utilized for eliminating bones, cartilage, and skin from the heart. You will frequently observe many filleting knives with ‘flex’ to make it that a lot simpler and speedier for your blade to navigate around bones and joints, and it cuts exactly where you need it to. The outcome? You’ll end up with more food and less waste.

f. Skinning Knife

Typically a skinning knife has a wide, short blade. The edge is strong and does not have a lot of adaptability or spring. Skinning knives are more of a hunting tool. These knives are utilized to eliminate animal skin from the meat and have an excellent and keen blade for this purpose.

g. Cleaver

Cleavers are generally utilized as a kitchen or butcher knife for hacking through meat and bone. They are enormous knives that vary in shape but regularly than not resemble a rectangular bladed hatchet. The primary side can be utilized for crushing when preparing foods such as garlic.

h. Scimitar

A scimitar (sometimes spelt Cimiter) are extensive, broad bent adaptations of the butcher’s knife, with a blade typically around 20-35cm in length. They are stiff knives with no flex, with a curved shape to help create a more extended slicing region considering a more prominent range for each slicing motion. It is utilized primarily for cutting enormous pieces of meat into retail cuts such as steaks.

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