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How To Cure A Cold Sore: Super-effective Remedies

A cold sore is a virus that causes an injury to the mouth. We explain how to cure it quickly.

Many of us have ever suffered (or recurrently) a cold sore. It starts with an itchy lip, continues with itching, and the famous ‘pupa’ appears. If you already know it, you will probably have an antiviral cream on hand.

But it is not the only way to cure it. While cold sores usually go away on their own, other very effective remedies will heal faster and not spread to the rest of the body.

Before telling you what you should do to attack it as soon as it is activated, we explain what it is Cold sores, what causes it, and if there are signs that tell you to go to the doctor.

1. How Do I Know It Is A Cold Sore?

Cold sores manifest with painful blisters that usually form on the lips and appear from an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus.

Most of these ‘pupae’ that we can suffer are due to reactivations of the virus, which does not get to be eliminated from the body after the first time you become infected by contact, due to having lower defenses, etc.

That is, if you catch it, it will live with you for a lifetime.

Anyone can get a cold sore. However, when immunosuppressed, those patients in whom their defenses do not always function correctly, there is a higher risk of having more relapses and more dangerous.

This happens in patients with advanced HIV infection or patients with an organ transplant.

2. Is It Dangerous To Have It?

In general, no. Also, even if it reactivates episodically, symptoms tend to be milder over time. Of course, once you have it, take some measures to prevent it from going further or passing it on to others.

Try not to spread. As it is a very prevalent infection and easy to transmit, when the virus is activated, and we have cold sores, we should avoid kissing other people, sharing a kitchen or personal hygiene tools such as glasses, towels, etc. well as having oral sex.

Make an appointment if Usually, it’s kind of benign. However, sometimes it can be accompanied by fever or difficulty swallowing liquid. If it occurs, you should consult your doctor.

Likewise, immunosuppressed patients should also make an appointment as soon as possible so that the doctor can assess whether it is necessary to administer a specific treatment, which is usually antiviral.

3. Remedies That Do Not Fail To Cure Cold Sores

The first time it appears, oral antiviral treatment is usually administered so that the symptoms are milder and the infection duration shorter. In relapses, if they are not very bulky, it is unnecessary, but it is necessary to act quickly as soon as you notice the first symptoms (sensitivity, itching, and burning).

The area must also be kept very clean by washing it with an antiseptic soap and not touching it to prevent it from spreading.

Antiviral cream. The best known active ingredient is acyclovir. As soon as you notice the symptoms (sensitivity in the area, itching, and burning), apply it.

If you do not have it from other episodes or it is the first time that it happens to you, you can ask for it at the pharmacy since it is a topical over-the-counter medicine.

Synthetic beeswax (propolis). In the form of an ointment and applied early and can often reduce the duration of the outbreak.

Garlic for cold sore. It is rich in allicin, a substance that could hinder the growth of some microorganisms. An effective home remedy is to apply crushed raw garlic to cold sore lesions.

Lysine. It is an amino acid that, both in oral supplement and in cream, helps relieve pain and itching.

Alcohol. When the blister appears, apply a little juice with a cotton ball. This will help it dry and heal faster.

Patches They are unique strips that act against the infection and apply to the ampoule to relieve pain.

Ice or cold compresses. It can also help you reduce the pain that appears with the sores. You can apply ice or place a cold, wet compress on the wound since it reduces redness, eliminates scabs, and promotes healing.

Analgesics. If it bothers you or hurts a lot, you can use a pain reliever, such as acetaminophen, to relieve symptoms.

4. Cold Sores: How To Prevent It

Just as it is crucial to attack it as soon as you notice the first symptoms, it is also essential to try to prevent its appearance. This will help decrease the risk of relapse.

A good sunscreen. In some cases, it has been seen that sun exposure can trigger a reactivation of the virus, so it may be useful to apply sunscreen as a prophylactic (to prevent it before it occurs).

Good defenses. Having the immune system well prepared to deal with any microorganism also helps not infect you and decrease relapses. As you know, a proper diet is essential to have your defenses ‘at the top’ and exercise and, above all, avoid chronic stress.

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