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The 15 Dinners That Will Make You Sleep Better

Sleep Better: If you want to go back to sleep in one go, you need to renew your dinners and include those foods that help you fall asleep. These proposals contain all the necessary nutrients so that you can finally rest better.

You have the best mattress in the world; your bedroom is comfortable and maintains the ideal temperature. You are calm, and yet you sleep worse than ever.

It is logical. The body has struggled these days against sustained acute stress that can give the face in the form of irascibility, impatience, and also difficulty sleeping well or doing it often.

That is why we propose 15 ideas so that your dinners become the prelude to the best rest. They are easy dishes to prepare, but not only that: they will also help your body to make substances that induce sleep.

They include specific carbohydrates; and also proteins. Because tryptophan, an amino acid that we obtain from dietary proteins, is converted to serotonin, and this is converted to melatonin, a vital hormone that facilitates sleep.

Without the proteins, we have no way of producing all those substances essential for the sleep cycle in the food.

We have grouped them into five broad groups:

  • With vegetables and fish. Bluefish, rich in zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium, iron, iodine, vitamin A (beta carotene) and vitamin D, is perfect to avoid those deficiencies that rob you of sleep.
  • With pasta. Like proteins, hydrates are necessary to complete the night rest cycle: one of its functions is precisely to facilitate tryptophan entry into the brain.
  • With brown rice. It is usually more digestive than pasta.
  • With quinoa. It has all the crucial amino acids we need, slow absorption carbohydrates and potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc.
  • With turkey and vegetables. Low-fat meat that provides you with quality proteins and tryptophan.

1. Salmon Burger

Pair it with a vegetable rich in choline and folic acid, like broccoli, and you’ll have a nutrient-dense dinner.

Salmon Burger

You only need a loin or a slice of that fish, well-boiled broccoli, 1 egg, salt, and dill (or spice that you like) to prepare the dough.

2. Grilled Cod

It is another option with fish – this time white – very suitable for your dinners.

Serve it with a saute of rolled garlic and kale, another vegetable from the cruciferous family (like broccoli). You can also add roasted pumpkin.

3. Light Eggplant Lasagna

It contains crushed tomato sauce, a lycopene boom, and vitamin C; tuna has properties similar to salmon, spinach, rich in iron, vitamins of group B, and vitamin C.

The eggplant sheets replace the pasta. You can gratin it with mozzarella, another good source of tryptophan, protein, and calcium.

4. Macaroni With Vegetables

Make a stir fry with onion, zucchini, carrot, and red pepper, a combination of vegetables of all colors that give you folic acid, vitamin A (beta carotene), vitamin C, and vitamins group B and a long list of minerals.

Add an egg to complete the dish with quality protein. But grill it, and you will avoid the calories of the fried version.

5. Spaghetti With Chicken

You already know that, whenever you can, it is better to choose whole wheat pasta. This proposal is prepared with zucchini (you can add broccoli), chicken, and a tablespoon of coconut milk. Chicken is a good source of tryptophan, and coconut milk contains lauric acid.

Adding zucchini spaghetti, you do two things: add vegetables to the plate and reduce your calories because this way, you use less pasta.

6. Pappardelle With Tomato

You can prepare a pappardelle with tomato, onion, and shrimp sauce. Another option includes tomato sauce (lycopene and vitamin C) and fish (in this case, prawns).

Add more shrimp than pasta and increase the number of vegetables. This will make the dish more complete and light. You can also incorporate some clams.

7. Stuffed Red Peppers

Red pepper is a bomb of vitamins C and A: fill it with boiled rice and the vegetables you like the most (for example, chard, which contains iron, and carrot, plus vitamin A). You can even add a few prawns.

Finish off this star dish with a grated hard-boiled egg. You can put it in the filling or throw it on top, as you prefer.

8. Vegetable Curry

This dinner is made up of vegetables, curries, brown rice, and coconut milk.

Vegetable Curry

Saute carrots, leeks, and zucchini, then add three tablespoons of coconut milk, curry (which helps lower the stress hormone), and some rice. Go adding water little by little; the idea is to cook everything together to absorb the flavor.

9. Sushi Bowl

The name is perhaps surprising, but basically, it consists of pouring the most common sushi ingredients in a bowl. And the base of this recipe is a grilled salmon loin.

Accompany it with brown rice, vegetables, and dehydrated seaweed flakes. But let your imagination run wild! Add carrot, sesame seeds, olive oil, spices. Although it may seem a bit unusual a priori, you can find all the ingredients in your nearest supermarket.

10. Quinoa Burger

The main ingredients are quinoa, squash, and almonds. Crush the quinoa, boiled squash, and ground almonds (or almond flour) and shape the resulting dough into a burger. If you put a higher proportion of pumpkin, it will be much lighter.

This idea contains vitamin C, vitamin A (carotene), and many minerals, including calcium (from almonds). As a garnish, take a mesclun salad.

11. Vegetable and Quinoa Paella

It is worth trying this surprising combination in which quinoa “robs” the place of rice. You can incorporate squid, shrimp, mussels, green beans, broccoli, onion, pepper, corn, sprouts, or sprouts.

It is an ideal dinner to fill your plate with minerals and vitamins.

12. Zucchini Gratin

Choose around one, and you can place it upright on the plate. Empty the zucchini, sauté it together with the spinach and quinoa, fill it, and gratin it with a little cheese.

This dish contains a lot of folic acids, in addition to tryptophan and zinc, which the cheese provides.

13. Grilled Turkey

It doesn’t have to be a tedious dish: look at the presentation. Besides providing you with substances that will help you fall asleep, it is an easy and light dish.

Grilled Turkey

Make the grilled turkey and accompany it with the vegetables you choose roasted or gently sauteed. You can add a little turmeric and seeds.

14. Vegetable Wrap

Instead of using the typical wheat or corn pancakes, we suggest making some rolls with lettuce leaves.

Choose the most significant and most tender so that they can be folded well. Wash and dry them thoroughly and place pieces of turkey and cooked vegetables on top. Roll up and accompany, if you want, with a homemade yogurt sauce.

15. Saffron Turkey

Maybe you are used to making grilled meats, but you can also prepare it in the oven and give it a final touch in the pan to achieve a crispy exterior.

Serve it with some fresh vegetables, for example, lamb’s lettuce, or some sweet potato chips, which you can cook together with the meat to take advantage of the oven’s heat. It is a delicious combination of nutrients.

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