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3 Easy Exercises To Gain Flexibility And Feel Light

Easy Exercises: Have you noticed how good it feels to stretch your arms when you get up? With these exercises, you can activate your body in a moment and gain that flexibility to make you feel better.

1. Gain Strength and Stability

Standing slowly raises one leg back and grabs the instep with the hand on the same side.

Inhale gently as you extend your opposite arm upward and stretch your leg back slightly as if you were bringing your foot toward the ceiling away from your buttocks.

Feel your thigh stretch and your spine extend as well. Keep your gaze straight ahead and your chin away from your chest. Take 5 breaths, switch legs and arms, and breathe slowly 5 more times.

2. Toned and Painless Back

Raise your right arm, bend your elbow, and bring your hand behind your back. Bring your other hand behind your waist and try to touch both sides’ fingertips behind your back.

Hold for a few seconds while you breathe gently. Keep your head upright, without bringing your chin to your chest. Repeat, changing your hands to the side.

3. Activate the Column

Bring your hands behind your back. Stretch your arms back and raise your hands towards the ceiling as you slowly bend your torso and bring your head to the ground.

Easy Exercises

Do the movement gently, and when you reach the bottom, hold the position for a few seconds while you breathe little by little. Go up and repeat 3 times.

You’ve probably heard that stretching in the morning when you wake up is very beneficial.

It is also at the end of the day, to relax the whole body and prepare it for a restful rest.

And it is that with this type of exercise, you stretch all the muscles but at the same time also veins, skin, ligaments.

Thus, you achieve greater flexibility in your movements; you lengthen the muscles and improve the immune system.

Your body is prepared, and you avoid pain, contractures, and other injuries.

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