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The 3 Exercises That Relax Your Feet In A Matter Of Seconds

Feet: With the help of a simple ball, you can give a repairing massage to your feet. We propose 3 exercises to achieve immediate relaxation.

1. Relax the Sole

Roll a tennis or rubber ball (a little soft) under the sole. Start by rolling around the arch area and work your way up to your toes and then your heel. When you take a few minutes, try to make it to the sides without it escaping you.

Do this exercise for a few minutes on each foot.

2. Activates Circulation

This exercise helps you relieve tension and activate circulation since you will focus the movement on the ankle.

Place the ball on your heel and press. Keep pressing, squeezing, and releasing with your heel. The fingers must be kept flat on the ground, try to lengthen them as much as you can while you are doing the pressures.

Could you do it for a few minutes with each foot?

3. Fingers Work Out Too

With this exercise, we will mobilize the toes, one of the areas of our body that we are least aware of.

Relax Your Feet

Lift your foot a foot off the ground and point your foot, bringing your toes toward the ground as if you wanted to touch it with the tip of your “big toe.” Mark the toe well with the help of the arch of the foot.

Then put your foot flat on the ground, keep the sole glued to it, and lift only the toes upwards, separating them as much as possible.

Could You Do It for a Few Minutes With Each Foot?

It is usually common to come home and take off your shoes looking for relief from the fatigue of all the daily activity that often concentrates, among other areas, on the feet.

From day-to-day work, the structures that support the whole body, those of the foot, end up being loaded. We suggest that you get a tennis ball, paddle tennis, or foam rubber that is the only thing you need to provide rest for your feet.

Expert in manual therapies, explains that relaxing the feet is the basis for removing tensions from the rest of the body.

4. Feel the Feeling of Relief

This self-massage with a ball will provide you with high well-being and, also, you will be able to reinforce the muscular structures and the footpad that receives so many attacks.

It is possible that as soon as you start the exercise, you will notice some pain. Do the movements slow and smooth. Little by little, you will see relief.

Relaxing bath. If you notice the sole of your feet very tense before exercise, soak them in warm water with a few drops of rosemary essential oil.

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