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7 False Myths About How To Care For Your Hair

False Myths: Washing your hair with vinegar makes it shine more, daily washing accelerates hair loss; the best way to avoid damaging your hair is to let it air dry. Many myths surround hair care or hair loss. With the help of a hair expert, we will disassemble the most common ones.

According to Svenson’s survey, we think that your appearance influences whether we look older or less, feel more self-confident, or convey a healthy appearance.

After confinement, the concern is even more significant because falling due to stress has increased. But about hair and its care, many false myths result from popular beliefs without a scientific basis, which is not real but can make hair loss worse.

1. You Have to Rub Your Hair Well During Washing

There is a tendency to think that this way, we will better remove dirt or stimulate the scalp’s blood supply with a vigorous massage, but this is not the case.

During Washing - False Myths

Dr. Espinoza warns that rubbing with force can activate the sebaceous glands, which cause fat. Therefore, the only thing that we will be favoring is that we have oily hair.

For an effective wash, it is enough to massage the scalp without applying much pressure.

2. It is Better to Let Your Hair Air Dry in Summer False Myths

The advice is just the opposite. According to Dr. Espinoza, studies have shown that allowing hair to air dry causes moisture to damage its cell membrane.

This causes the hair to lose strength, elasticity, and cohesion. Ideally, blow- dry your hair 15 cm from your head, with cold air and not too long exposure.

3. Wearing a Helmet or Cap Frequently Accelerates the Fall

Neither the helmet nor the cap influence the hair growth cycle, so they do not accelerate hair loss. Its use indeed prevents the scalp from perspiring well, and this can affect hair health.

4. Hair is Shinier if You Wash It With Vinegar False Myths

Dr. Espinoza recalls that there is no scientific evidence that this is so. However, it is known that the use of vinegar can increase the risk of scalp infections.

Wash It With Vinegar - False Myths

So the advice is to wash your hair with hair products (shampoo, conditioner, mask) and use hair-specific finishing products (serums, gels) to add shine, reduce frizz, or set curls.

5. The Use of Hairspray or Gel Accelerates the Fall False Myths

Neither hairspray nor gel causes hair loss, but if they are not of the quality, they can damage the structure of the hair and the scalp. It is essential to wash your hair well after use so that no residue remains.

6. Washing Your Hair Every Day Accelerates Hair Loss

Dr. Espinoza emphasizes that washing your hair daily is not harmful. Moreover, if you have oily hair, it is even recommended that the sebum does not clog the pore and favors the fall of the follicle.

If you think your hair falls out when you are washing it because it stays in your hands, believe that that hair is dead. And if it falls a lot, it is not because you wash it but because perhaps there is a real problem of hair loss that you should consult with a specialist.

7. If You Shave Your Head, the Hair Comes to Out Thicker

The hair’s diameter is thicker the closer it is to the scalp, which is why it seems that short hair or that it begins to come out if you have shaved it is healthier.

Shaving your hair causes a higher density optical effect, but it is only an effect because it comes out just as strong or weak.

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