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The Best Fat Burning Exercises: Get In Shape Without Suffering

Fat Burning Exercises: If your goal is to burn fat and get in shape, keep reading because we have selected the best practices to achieve it.

It is often thought that the best way to burn fat is to do cardiovascular exercise (dancing, running ) and that strength training is for those who seek to “get hunky.” But the best fat burning recipe is to combine both. We tell you all you require to know to burn fat in record time!

Do Aerobic Exercise

Do aerobic exercise. Like running, cycling, jumping, It consumes a lot of energy and improves cardiovascular health. But when you finish training, you stop burning calories.

Work anaerobically with small weights, rubber bands, or your body weight. With this, you burn fewer calories, but “when you finish, you continue to consume energy. Your muscles need it to recover. It is called Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). It is a period of between 16 and 48 hours in which your body continues to burn calories (fat) to recover from training, even if you are sitting on the couch.”

We suggest you put your body in “fat-burning mode” and eliminate it through these exercises, which you can practice both inside and outside the home.

1. Walking Loses Weight if You Are Constant

Indeed, walking is not an ultra-fast fat burner, but a walk at a rate of about 10 minutes per kilometer burns around 135 kcal every 30 minutes, according to Harvard University (USA).

Doesn’t that sound like a lot? Well, do the math. It is an activity that you can easily extend to an hour, in which you would burn 270 kcal. That adds up to 1,890 kcal burned in one week. If to lose a kilo of bodyweight, you have to burn about 7,000 kcal; in 4 weeks of walking, you have it done.

If you don’t go out daily, do it at least 3 times a week. You will have lost up to 2.8 centimeters from your waist and up to 1.5% of body fat in three months. It’s an easy sport to start with and works best for shedding visceral fat, belly fat, and love handles.

How to start. If you have never run or have not run for a long time, start “with a ‘ca-co,’ that is to say, walking and running alternately,” points out Oscar de las Mozas, director of Coentrena. “Try running lightly for 1 minute, walk another, and repeat. Try doing it some times in a row”.

As You Look More Confident

As you look more confident, you can increase the running sections and reduce the walking areas until you manage to run 20 minutes in a row.

Each time a little more. From there, challenge yourself to increase your jogging time a little more each day until you can run 30 minutes without stopping. In half an hour jogging (about 8.5 km / h), you can burn 270 calories. The ideal is to run 3-4 times a week.

Combine it with Exercises to strengthen legs, glutes, and core (GAP). It will help you have a better running posture, reduce the risk of injury to your knees or ankles, and burn much more.

2. HIIT, What Burns the Most

In his book, Patry Jordan, I can, with everything (Ed. Planeta), defines HIIT as “blocks of high-intensity exercises with short recovery cycles. It is very effective in improving cardiovascular endurance and burning calories and fat”. His suggestion is to engage in HIIT, “at least once a week.”

How much it burns. You can consume about 300 calories in just 20 minutes. Also, the muscular effort is such that you continue to burn fat in the next 24 hours.

How to do it. It would help if you first warmed up and then followed a workout with blocks of 16 exercises. You start by dedicating 20 seconds to each activity. The next week it goes up to 25 seconds, and the third, to 30. Between one and the other, rest for 10 seconds. Complete the block and repeat it 3 times.

What exercises it includes from skipping (like running on-site with high knees), to skier (like running, but leaving one leg raised back, as if you wanted to kick your butt), squats, scissors, burpees (flexion followed by a jump ) and plates.

3. Dancing, the Most Fun Sport

It is an ideal movement to do at home even when you do not feel like it because the music leads you to “get hooked.” Not all dances are the same. Tables from Harvard University indicate that a one- hour full-intensity Zumba class can be between 350 and 650 kcal, depending on your weight (the more you weigh, the more calories you’ll burn).

If you dance salsa, it will be about 400 kcal, and if they are from Seville, about 300 kcal. The advantages of dancing. It works the body globally, and the arms and legs alike. At the same time, it forces the heart to exercise by pumping faster.

4. Tabata, 4 Very Intense Minutes

It is a type of training that seeks the maximum result in just 4 minutes. The Japanese Izumi Tabata created it in 1996 for high-level athletes.

  • What to do. Those 4 min are articulated in 20-second exercises (squats, planks, push-ups, climbers ), 10-second breaks, and repetition.
  • More intense? Patry Jordan challenges us to endure the 10 seconds of rest by doing soft skipping on the site, running without moving from the place by raising the knees.
  • For other sports. You can adapt it to cycling or running training by going at full speed for 20 seconds and slowing down for another 10. It is better not to stop short to avoid fainting.
  • No watch. To avoid the clock, download playlists from Tabata. They have a built-in voiceover at the end of every 20 and 10 seconds that yells ‘3, 2, 1, stop!’ (or ‘go!’).

5. BUTT WITH THE GAP Fat Burning Exercises

These anaerobic exercises work the glutes, abs, and legs, areas where fat accumulates. And you still burn calories after doing them:

  • Squat Reproduce the movement of going to sit. The easiest is against the wall. But it has many variants.
  • Stride. Step back, back straight, and bend your lead leg until your thigh is parallel.
  • Griddle. Stretched out on your stomach, lean on your forearms and balls of your feet. Keep your back
  • straight, contract your abdomen, and hold. It has variations: the climber, the side planks.
  • Burpee. Lower your body until your hands are on the ground. Bring one leg back and then the other, to go ironing. Back out of the way, and as your feet come together, jump up with your arms outstretched.

6. Allies at Home Fat Burning Exercises

Bicycle. The bike is ideal for doing cardio outside the home, but if you have a static or a trainer to convert touring or mountain bikes into static, you will also do it indoors. Half an hour of pedaling between moderate and intense, suppose 240-360 kcal.

You can exceed 450 if you raise the bar. Take 30 minutes, start at a low level to warm up, and work your way up in difficulty. Alternate 3 minutes of sections of the great test in which you will pedal slowly, with another 3 with hardly any resistance in which you will go full.

Elliptical During confinement, it has been one of the most demanded home training machines because there are even folding ones. The elliptical repeats the motion of cross-country skiing and resembles running, but without impact to the joints.

Also, it allows you to work your arms at the same time. You can burn between 270 and 400 kcal in just 30 minutes. You don’t have to do it daily either: do it three times a week, and in three months, you will have lost up to 2.8 cm from your waist and 1.5% of body fat.

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