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9 Foods To Upgrade Your Memory And Concentration

Foods Upgrade: Everything we eat influences, for better and for worse, our memory. To protect and enhance it, you are interested in a diet like the one we explain here.

“Take care of your weight, take care of your memory.” And it is that it is increasingly clear that there is a direct connection between obesity and cognitive disorders (memory loss, reduced response capacity, and interrelated data, lower concentration, decreased reaction capacity … ).

Proper food Upgrade can prevent excess body fat and help protect you from all of the above. For this reason, in this article, you will find a menu proposal.

They are designed foods Upgrade with a double objective: not increasing your weight and “feeding” your neurons well.

The proper choice of nutrients (antioxidants, good fats, and hydration) is essential for brain cells. Also, here we remind you of ideals foods Upgrade.

Move through your brain! Not only your heart but also your neurons need activity. For every hour, you expend sitting, walk 15 minutes, and gain health.

Also, it is suspected that the systemic inflammation that occurs when there are many extra kilos also affects neurons, deteriorating them.

What Can You Eat To Protect Your Memory?

We reveal the foods that you should include in your diet if you want to take care of your memory. As we have said before, everything influences!

For example, do you know which drink can counteract the damage of excess fat and, at the same time, protect your cerebrum? Green tea!

1. The grain of Black Confectionery Daily

confectionery could be nearly a medicine for forgetful people for its antioxidants, especially its flavonoids. But it is not just any: if it contains too much saturated fat or added sugar, the harmful effects outweigh the benefits. With that said, look at the tag.

Choose the one with a large percentage of cocoa solids, not from cocoa butter, whichever is also called theobroma oil, and is build with the thin surrounding the seeds.

It has a lot of flavors, but few flavonoids. If you don’t see this difference in the packaging, be suspicious if it has a lot of fat. Take 30 g. dark chocolate per day (with 70% cocoa)

higher water concentration

Sugar should also not be the majority component. You should look for chocolate that does not contain added sugars or flavorings that hide its bitterness.

2. Without Liquids, Your Mind Becomes Small

Like the muscles and kidneys, the brain contains a higher water concentration than the rest of the body.

In cold months we drink fewer fluids. And although it is reasoning, we must remember that the heaters can “dry out” us inside and out because we do not sweat. Our body is 70% aqua.

And the same occurs with our brain, where the predominant element is also the liquid. Thus, when you do not take all you need, you feel more irritable, your head hurts, you become slower in reflexes, and you remember things worse.

Many scholars say that this, slowing down when thinking, remembering, or deciding, already occurs with only 2% mild dehydration.

Another fine reason to be superior hydrated

Look at the backing reasoning: it is very likely that when you wake up, you do not feel hungry and, instead, you do want to drink.

There is much testing that has shown that hunger is not at its peak when you wake up. And despite this, the first thing you probably do is eat not drink.

Curiously, on weekends we do feel like having breakfast more. What happens is that those days we link that moment with free time and well-being.

The mind governs these sensations; And not whenever you want to put something in your mouth, you are hungry. Take a good look at the trick in the box below.

3. Why Do We Confuse Thirst With Hunger

Today we are exposed to so many foods stimuli that our brain “wanders. ”

The hunger and thirst centers are located in our brain and are controlled by the same area, the hypothalamus. For this reason, sometimes, both sensations are confused.

The effect: If you don’t drink enough, you will have “spikes” of hunger. You will also even notice tiredness and be careful! Because that will guide you to think that eating the weakness will pass.

If you drink 6 glasses of water throughout the day, you are doing well.

The catch: To identify what you’re feeling, drink, and wait 10 minutes. If hunger disappears, your body asked for fluids, not food (it was a “false” appetite).

If it has not been additional than 4 hours since the feast and you notice some anxiety, you will have thirst.

a. Other Ways to Drink

These are other ways to hydrate yourself in winter, which also provides foods Upgrade for your brain. Freshwater is the best option to hydrate, but even these other drinks. They are healthy and little in calories.

Infusions with the double result (Consult your doctor if you medicate or suffer from hypertension or diabetes)

Thyme. It contains a substance called apigenin, strengthening neurons’ connections, something critical to keep the brain young.

Mint or Rosemary Rosemary assists in having better concentration, and, according to some studies, peppermint improves long-term memory and alertness.

Chamomile or sage. The first contains apigenin (like thyme), and the other influences processes that improve all neurological functions.

b. The “Smartest” Juices

Pear + Spinach + Kiwi + Ginger.

It benefits you for the fiber it provides (reduces the absorption of sugars) and for its antioxidant compounds.

Black Grapes + Pomegranate + Orange.

Good memory is clear by taking this mixture daily. It is wealthy in polyphenols, vitamin C, and folic acid.

Blueberries + Lemon + Apple.

Whenever feasible, use the red apple with skin (better if it is organic). Thus it provides antioxidant organic acids.

4. All the Omega 3 That Your Brain Needs

Most testing accepts: omega-3s are “foods” for the brain. It has been so wonderful that it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits and anti-amyloid plaques and anti-tau.

That, according to the analyst, means that it could help prevent certain cases of Alzheimer’s.

A study issued in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease also attests that the brain of tolerant with Gaint levels of omega 3 receives more blood, which improves performance and prevents deterioration.

Pumpkin Seeds

5. Trans Oils

They are also known as hydrogenated oils. These fatty acids harm neurons. Make positive that what you buy does not hold them.

6. Avocado and Pumpkin Seeds

Both one and the other are considered superfoods for the brain. Take them daily!

If you buy a pumpkin, don’t throw away its seeds. Let them dry and couple them to purees or yogurts (you can lightly toast them).

A medium avocado a day makes sure that the brain always has lutein (also fine for the eyes), which better it. Grate the bone to take the lead of its chemical amalgams.

7. A Touch of Turmeric to Think Better

A single gram of turmeric better all brain carry within 6 hours of proceeds it.

8. Capers, Do You Take Them?

Polyphenols. Boston University has appeared that they provide a good amount of brain-enhancing polyphenols.

In pasta or fish. Add a handful to these dishes or your salads, and you will give them a very used to single out a separate member of a specified group or class. Similar specific flavor.

9. Antioxidants to Remember

Neurons are very sensitive to large radicals that oxidize them.

Try to imagine an antique metal object. How does it look like? Rusty? Certainly, because the air, the oxygen, offer it that rusty look. It does the same in our cells.

In reality, it is molecules – free radicals – that harm them. But there are ways to lessen that gloomy consequence.


Foods Upgrade with antioxidant substances blocks the effect of free radicals, thus preventing premature aging.

Increasing the number of fruits and vegetables daily is a good measure. But it takes, above all, turmeric, tomato, capers, and purple and red fruits.

10. Blueberries and Black Grapes

These two vegetables help keep nerve cells in the brain, healthy and active. Its resveratrol “gives life” to your neurons.

They also carry a large number of antioxidants.

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