Healthy, Delicious And Satisfying Breakfast Without Bread

Is there life beyond eating bread breakfast? We have the solution of healthy breakfast: satiating and very nutritious breakfasts based on oats, eggs, avocados, chia, yogurt, sweet potatoes.

Breakfasts usually have the main character: bread. You choose whole wheat bread, which is healthier than refined, you should eat it in moderation. “The problem is that when we overeat bread, we stop eating real protective foods, such as fruit, vegetables, or nuts,”

It is indeed an easy and quick option to prepare your healthy breakfast, but try not to make bread the absolute protagonist every day.

Reserve it for a couple of days, and accompany it with slices of fruit or vegetables, homemade vegetable patties, tuna, fresh cheese, or Iberian ham.

And for the other days, you can have a healthy breakfast without bread. To make your task more comfortable, we give you 10 easy, delicious, and satisfying bread, healthy breakfast ideas.

1. Chia Pudding With Fruit

Another star of satiating breakfasts without bread is chia seeds. In addition to filling a lot, they are rich in fiber, which “drags” fat, and in omega 3, which is related to having a lower index of body fat, which is why they are one of the best foods for burning fat as well as for combat constipation.

To make the pudding, we mix 250 ml of milk with two tablespoons of chia, let it sit for an hour, and then add pieces of fruit. In this case, raw pear and pistachios.

2. Boiled Egg With Tomato and Asparagus

It is not unusual that the egg is one of the essential foods for breakfast in many countries. In inclusion to being highly nutritious, it is one of the satiating foods par excellence. So you start the day with the battery fully charged.

And as cooked, they do not provide more than 70-80 kcal/unit. They also do not fatten almost anything.

If you want to multiply its satiating power, you can make breakfast without bread based on boiled or soft-boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, and asparagus, which are also very light and satiating, and are considered one of the foods to live longer and better because its vitamins and nutrients help the formation of antibodies and red blood cells, and have significant antioxidant power.

3. Oatmeal Porridge With Banana and Strawberries

Porridge is another of the oatmeal breakfasts that can fit you if you are looking for breakfasts without bread that are very satisfying.

You have to have the foresight to make the porridge the night before and, at breakfast time, combine it with fresh fruit: half a banana (another of the most satiating foods), a couple of strawberries And sweeten with cinnamon, which is one of the fat-burning spices that assist you in rushing your metabolism and losing weight.

4. Avocado Stuffed With Egg and Turkey Cubes

Another very satiety-free breakfast without bread is the avocado stuffed with eggs since it combines the egg with another very filling food: avocado, a diet that although it is quite caloric is proven to help you lose weight because it is so satiating that it reduces by 40% the desire to snack in the following 3-5 hours.

To do this, brown the turkey tacos a little. Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit. Enlarge the gap by eliminating some pulp and reserve it for another dish. Then, place the avocado in a refractory pan with a coarse salt base to not tip over.

Crack an egg into the hole, distribute the turkey and mozzarella taquitos on top, and bake at 180º 12-15 min (until the egg sets). It is so blunt that it could even serve as a quick dinner.

5. Yogurt With Fruit for Healthy Breakfast

Another classic of satiety-free breakfasts is mixing the whole yogurt, which is very filling, with fresh fruit, jam or compote (better if they are homemade so that they do not have excess sugar and other additives).

Although the whole yogurt has been demonized for years, a review published in the European Journal of Nutrition found that taking full yogurts aided more in weight loss than skimmed ones, undoubtedly because their fat contributes to satiety; apart from skimmed yogurt is one of those processed foods that should not be abused.

Here we have combined it with some strawberries with a little orange juice and honey.

6. Oatmeal Pancakes With Hummus and Salmon

If you are looking for breakfasts without bread that are satiating, oatmeal is your best friend. And it is that among the properties of oats, its richness in proteins, fiber, and slow absorption hydrates stands out, which makes it very nutritious and satiating.

You can make some oatmeal pancakes, for example, and combine them with sweet or salty foods. Here we have spread them with hummus, and we have added smoked salmon on top, two accompaniments that make them much more nutritious and satisfying.

7. Sweet Potato Toasts

If you want to try new flavor combinations, you will surely like these sweet potato toasts. Cut the sweet potato into slices and run them through the toaster a couple of times, until you see that it is made inside.

Top it off with peanut butter and banana, chocolate cream with blueberries, or cream cheese with homemade unsweetened raspberry jam.

8. Avocado With Fresh Cheese and Tomato

Another recipe with avocado that could be adopted as breakfast without bread that is very satisfying is avocado, fresh cheese, and raw tomato. Being rich in protein, cheese is very filling and, being new, has fewer calories than other cheeses.

In the original recipe, fresh mozzarella is added, but if you opt for fresh cheese or even cottage cheese (considered the best dairy for weight loss), it will be just as satisfying but much lighter.

9. Omelet With Compote for Healthy Breakfast

You can also make a thin French omelet and fill it with sweet foods, such as with homemade compote and wild strawberries, or salty ones, such as york ham and cheese. In a tortilla, the eggs contribute about 96 kcal/unit.

If you are going to make them sweet, do not put salt on the beaten egg, and, both these and salty ones, you can add milk to the beaten egg.

10 Scrambled Eggs With Ham, Mushrooms, and Asparagus

Another very satisfying proposal for a healthy breakfast without bread is a scrambled egg, ham, asparagus, and mushrooms. The combination of foods rich in protein with other foods rich in fiber makes this dish very nutritious and filling.

Studies have shown that the fungus causes a long satiating effect, making it an ideal ingredient to control hunger. Like all mushrooms, it contains a large amount of fiber (cellulose), and to this is added its low caloric content (15 kcal per 100 g).

Saute some mushrooms along with some asparagus tips. Add some ham tacos. Skip a little more. Add beaten egg and stir until set.

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