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Healthy Pizza: Delicious And Light Ingredient Combinations

Healthy Pizza: We tell you all the secrets so that your pizza is healthy and light and can eat it without remorse.

The secret to getting a healthy pizza is that it has a dough made traditionally, that is, flour, water, and yeast, easy and delicious, that you stretch very well so that there is an excellent base and the toppings are very light but, at the same time, they have a lot of flavors, like the ones we propose below.

Oh, and the serving is about your hand’s size with your fingers open if you’re on a diet. If not, a slightly more significant portion, but without skipping.

1. Super Veggie Pizza, With Vegetables Fried, Roasted and Also Raw

The more vegetarian the pizza, the lighter, because the vegetable always provides fewer calories than other ingredients. With a pizza like the one we propose here, if you want, you can even do without the cheese or add very, very little.

You have to put a sauce of onion at the base of the pizza, cover it with very finely chopped vegetables on the mandolin smeared with a light patina of oil so that they roast in the oven and sprinkle with the spices that you like the most.

And when you take out the pizza, top with arugula. Delicious and full of flavor.

2. Substitute the Mozzarella for Goat Cheese

One of the simplest and least calorie pizzas is the Margarita. Just tomato sauce or tomato concentrate and cheese. If you put goat cheese instead of mozzarella cheese, although the latter is more caloric (about 60 kcal more per 100 g), as it also has more flavor, you can put much less and get a lighter pizza.

3. Pizza With Bresaola, the Lightest Meat

Neither pepperoni nor bolognese, the Italian’s secret to getting light pizzas without giving up meat is bresaola.

It is a sausage made from cut beef that is fat-free. You can accompany the bresaola with a base of tomato sauce and mushrooms on top, like the one in the photo and give it a refreshing point with lamb’s lettuce, watercress, or arugula when it comes out of the oven.

If you have never tried it, you will repeat for sure.

4. Pizza With Natural Tuna (and the Secret to Keeping It Dry)

Natural tuna has fewer calories than preserved in oil, but it can be scorched if you put it in the oven with the rest of the ingredients since it has no fat.

So add it right out of the oven, so it heats up on the freshly baked pizza without drying out.

5. Lots of Vegetables and Without Losing the Crunchy? Do It in Two Cooks.

The vegetable has a lot of humidity, especially zucchini, onion, and if you do not want it to be raw, the danger is that the dough will soften. To make the batter crispy and the vegetables well cooked, cook the oven’s money and the plants on the grill (or in the same oven but separately) first.

Then, you put the almost done vegetable on the dough and give the pizza the final touch (2-3 last minutes), and you will see as if the money is thin and the plants are also thinly rolled, the whole is super crispy and lick your fingers.

6. Spinach and Smoked Salmon Pizza, a Couple That Marries Well

It is a pizza with super healthy toppings that complement each other very well in terms of flavor. You have to spread the dough, put lightly sauteed spinach on top (which you will have strained to remove all the moisture), and optionally a little (very little) cheese.

When it comes out of the oven, add smoked salmon in thin slices and some capers. Ummmm!

7. Zucchini and Cheese Pizza, Simplicity With a Lot of Flavors

Roll out the dough as thin as you can and sprinkle with a little cheese with many flavors, like a Manchego cheese or a goat cheese, cover with zucchini cut into skinny slices and sprinkle a little more cheese.

Bake and enjoy it. It is effortless and a delight for the palate.

8. Seafood Pizza, One of the Lightest

On top of the previously baked dough, add fried onion strips in very little oil, lightly sauteed shrimp, steamed mussels, and cooked octopus leg slices.

You can accompany three strategically placed teaspoons of light bechamel sauce (optional)). Finish baking the pizza and voila! All the flavor of the sea in a very light pizza.

9. Pizza With Fruit (and It Doesn’t Have to Be Pineapple)

We know it; we expose ourselves to the controversy for talking about pizza and pineapple in the same text, but we will not risk ourselves just with the pizza, but we will propose other combinations.

Such as Serrano ham accompanied by sheets of sour apple, pistachios, and raisins, like the pizza in the photo, or with pear slices, walnuts, and some gorgonzola cheese crumbs, for example.

The fruit enhances the cheese’s flavor, so you can add very little and enjoy a lot of character for fewer calories.

10. Tomato and Sardine Pizza (Marinated)

It’s another light and flavorful topping. You have to spread the dough, put the tomato sauce on top that is really with a jam texture, and the sardine loins that you have previously marinated to your liking (for example, with oil, garlic, and parsley).

Baked and, when the pizza is cooked, to feast! (And as with other pizzas, if you want it to be very, very crisp, prepare the dough a little before, so you only have to put it in the oven for 4 or 5 more minutes with the sardines on top, very well-drained from the marinade).

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