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10 Home Remedies For Constipation That Work Fast And Pain-free

Illness is a prevalent but very annoying disorder that can be solved quickly and usually with these home remedies.

Abdominal swelling, gas, heaviness? We will try to end up with phrases like “I go little to the bathroom” or “When I go, it costs me a lot,” especially on days like the ones we live in… These comments describe the two main problems caused by constipation: occasional news and difficulty in constipation.

If you go to the bathroom less than three times a week, you can say you have constipation. And if in the first symptoms of illness, you resort to laxatives – even if they are natural – the body gets used to them, and the intestines lose interest in moving and only react to the laxative.

In the end, you’ll end up going to the bathroom only when you take them. To avoid this, take note of these easy, natural, and above all, effective home remedies for constipation.

Home remedy for constipation: the zaragatona

This plant is very rich in mucilage, which quadruples its volume when contacting the liquid, lubricating the intestinal walls. Take one or two teaspoons over dinner, added to a glass of water or cup of broth.

Infusion of arraclan

This plant acts on the intestine and bile ducts. Depending on the severity of constipation, the dose should be 1 or 2 tablespoons per cup of water. To prepare this home remedy for constipation, boil the water with the plant over low heat for 10 minutes.

To avoid gases, add an anise pinch. Have a cup at bedtime and repeat in the morning if necessary.

Fennel juice

Fennel, in addition to reducing gases, helps digest food better, making it a very effective home remedy against constipation. You can take it in juice, like this one. To prepare it, simply crush these ingredients in an electric mixer:

  • fennel
  • apples (best Granny Smith, Fuji or Royal Gala)
  • handful mint

Flaxseeds, but not in any way

You have to take them after they have been soaked, as they will release a gel, which facilitates the transit. One trick is to put them in yogurt at night and leave it in the fridge and take it the next day at breakfast. Holy hand.

Natural laxative compote

A very laxative (natural) breakfast. Cook an apple (with skin) and dried plums with water and sweeten with honey. Crush well and enjoy it.

The classic poleo can help you

It is one of the infusions that you can find in any cafe or bar, improving digestions and deflating the body. In addition to that, it helps eliminate gases (one of the annoying consequences of constipation).

Agar-Agar, natural soft laxative

Agar-agar is a type of oriental seaweed, which you can find as is or powder, and that is a very mild laxative for people with delicate intestines. It lubricates the walls and facilitates the movement of waste, thanks to its mucilages.

To get all the benefits of this home remedies against constipation, put a teaspoon of agar-agar in a cup of water and cook until dissolved. Take it at bedtime and, if you need it, in the morning.

The chamomile of a lifetime

Among our home, remedies for constipation can not miss chamomile. This delicate and aromatic plant favors the elimination of gases, reduces bloating and abdominal pain, and promotes the intestine’s proper functioning.

Not holding on: this is the best home remedy

You never have to urge you to go to the bathroom, even if you’re involved with work or public. If you don’t usually listen to your body’s messages, it won’t stop warning you.

What if he catches you out of the house? Don’t repress yourself and go to the bathroom as soon as you can. According to FEAD data, if you don’t, your body may stop sending you signals in just four or five days.

A stool in the bathroom

A simple gesture like resting your feet on a small stool (about 15 or 20 centimeters) while sitting in the bathroom will make it easier for you to achieve your goal.

Isn’t that an excellent home remedy? Thanks to the stool, you get a posture that favors the seat’s expulsion, as if you were squatting. The ideal position to avoid constipation is this:

Knees up

We’re designed to squat evacuation. Therefore, in the bathroom, you raise your feet with the help of a stool.

Put your waist ahead

With the trunk straight, so there is a higher perineal opening, and the evacuation is stimulated.

Stimulating self-masking

Every morning, for about 5 minutes, perform this simple self-masking, it is beneficial and will help you improve your intestinal transit:

With your fingertips over your abdomen’s lower area, you perform rotational movements along the broad intestine path to the anus.

From the right side, go up to the center, go through the abdomen, and go down to the left side. It’s like you’re drawing a circle on your stomach (right to left) with your hand. Enhance by exerting light pressure, without causing pain.

Wake up 15 minutes early

When we wake up, our whole organism is activated, including the intestines. That’s why the morning is the best time to go to the bathroom. But if you get up with just the right time, you can leave it for later and not find the moment.

Booking a few minutes first thing in the morning to go to the bathroom has more advantages: being at home makes you feel more comfortable. Also, we must not forget that, if you get used to going every day simultaneously, your body will “learn it,” and you will end up warning you of it.

Drinking water is a must

Drinking enough fluid is just as important as consuming the right foods. If the body is not well hydrated, the large intestine “steals” the water in the stool, making it difficult to evacuate. If you have trouble drinking water, take advantage of summer and have cold soups and gazpachos.

You can also enjoy a delicious infusion (you can have it fresh) and in winter sign up for soups, creams, broths, and injections.

Here are more tricks for drinking water without realizing it.

Choosing food well

What you eat has an outstanding influence on this disorder. You are skipping meals, taking too much protein (meat, fish, cold cuts), fast food, refined and ultra-processed foods (white bread, industrial pastries) cause and aggravate constipation.

Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, Bifidus yogurts, and olive oil, on the other hand, are foods that help you fight illness. That, and increase fiber consumption.

Eating without haste

Eating very fast makes digestion difficult and, with it, subsequent evacuation. Take your time and slowly chew food. Also, if you eat too fast, you may swallow air and fill yourself with annoying gases.

Remember that the better your digestions, the less your constipation, so you must always eat sitting, slowly chewing each bite. Ideally, you should put quiet music in the background. It is proven that both ingestion and digestion of food is done more correctly.

Exercise is also an excellent “remedy.”

One of the primary origins of constipation is sedentary lifestyles. When not enough exercise or workforces

many hours to sit, the abdomen’s muscles relax, and peristaltic movements (pushing food through the intestine to the colon) become less frequent.

Also, numerous studies support the idea that regular exercise relieves constipation and feeling bloated for healthy adults.

Exercises that strengthen and tone the abdominal area (abdominal, pilates, yoga) help especially, but walking or playing some sport regularly for 30 minutes a day may also be enough. Check out this weekly exercise plan to take care of your body and mind during the quarantine.

There are also specific physiotherapy exercises against constipation and recommended by the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists, such as those shown below.

Abdominal breathing hugging your legs

Lying on knees. In that position, perform abdominal breaths, swelling the abdomen during inspiration, and emptying it by pressing on the stomach with the knees during exhalation. Do this exercise for 2 minutes.

Conscious breathing

Squat, slightly tilted forward, inhale slowly, thoroughly. Then exhale, dropping the rib cage gradually. Arms should be relaxed. The key to exercise is to perform conscious abdominal breaths, swelling the abdomen during inspiration, and emptying it in exhalation. Try to practice it for 2 or 3 minutes.

The cat’s posture

This posture is an excellent home remedy for constipation and also very simple to perform. Get on all fours, with your fists below the shoulder line and your knees open to your hip’s width.

Extends the neck well aligned with the trunk. Slowly release the air and curve the spine by looking toward the navel. Maintaining posture, contract the abdomen to expel the remaining air.

Hold on for about 5 seconds, and you’re back in the starting position. Repeat the whole exercise 10 times

Abdominal accession

Standing or sitting with your legs slightly apart, it slowly inspires swelling of the abdomen. Then breathe until the belly is hollow and hold it for a few seconds. Repeat the entire exercise about 5 times.

1. 10 Home Remedies For Constipation

Although walking every day 30 minutes helps avoid constipation, we are quarantined by the coronavirus, so we recommend these physiotherapy exercises, supported by the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists, which you can find in this downloadable image.

The zaragatone. A mucilage-rich plant that lubricates the intestinal walls.

Infusion of arraclan. Helps relieve constipation.

Fennel juice. Reduces gases and helps digest food better.

Flaxseeds. As long as they’ve been soaking.

Apple compote and dried plum. With skin, cooked and crushed.

Pollen infusion. It promotes digestion and slows the formation of gases.

Chamomile infusion. It promotes the proper functioning of the intestine and helps eliminate spasms when good digestion is not performed.

Agar-agar. It lubricates the intestinal walls and facilitates the movement of waste, thanks to its mucilages.

5-minute auto massage. In the abdomen, they are making clockwise circles.

2. 10 Ways To Avoid Constipation

Take fiber. According to the Spanish Society of Dietetics, for those to take the 30 grams of fiber daily recommended a dish of cooked vegetables, a salad as a side dish, three pieces of fruit, and eating legumes 3 times a week. Here are more ideas from high-fiber foods.

Bifidobacteria. Fermented dairy with bifidobacteria balances intestinal flora and promotes its functioning, including intestinal transit time regulation. Taking one a day is enough.

Do not peel the fruit. Fruits are rich in fiber, although the skin accumulates more. As little white skin as possible should be removed in citrus fruits, as it is pure fiber. And the juices, better with pulp. To wash small pieces such as strawberries or raspberries thoroughly, they can be soaked for a few minutes.

Drink water between hours and meals until taking 1.5 liters a day. You can replace it with non-stimulant infusions, unscented beverages, or natural juices. If you don’t drink fluids, your stools will be very hard.

Real food. Processed meals, with additives and preservatives, can be a factor that alters intestinal transit by accelerating or slowing it down.

Dark meat, no more than 3 times a week. Red meat (lamb, veal) contains plenty of fat, which in excess makes our intestinal transit slower and our digestion heavier. Three times a month, it’s pretty.

Less fried and sauces. Many frying, sauces, or spicy usually affects digestive well-being. Also, steam fiber, iron, or wok is best preserved.

Schedules. You have to imagine that your digestive system is English. So he can’t stand impunity. Make sure that both your meal schedule and the bathroom schedule is always the same.

Go to the bathroom without haste, without pauses and effortlessly. The main thing is to have a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, not hurry, and dedicate the right and necessary time to make belly.

However, sit the right time to take the deposition, don’t spend more than five minutes thinking or reading, because it’s not good either.

And besides, going to the bathroom shouldn’t be expensive. If not, we can cause disease in the rectum and damage to the perineum or hemorrhoids (find out how to cure hemorrhoids quickly).

It follows a diet rich in fiber and above all suitable to avoid constipation.

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