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15 Homemade Beauty Tricks That Work

Some may seem a little crazy to you, but they are tips that have been used by many women throughout history and have been shown to work. We explain to you how to homemade beauty Tricks That Work.


These beauty tricks based on products that we usually have at home, some confessed by models like Adriana Lima and others famous, have been used for generations. The reason? They work even better than products created specifically for those uses. Take note.

Secret weapon

The Brazilian top uses this food not to add it to salad or breakfast toast but to make her hair radiant. And the truth is that this trick is scientifically based since avocado oil, along with coconut oil, are the only ones capable of penetrating and repairing the hair fibre.

Mix with conditioner

But do not think that the top puts it on as is. She crushes it and mixes it with her conditioner, thus preparing a most effective homemade mask.

Say goodbye to frizz.

Do you have curly hair and already use masks and oils to hydrate it? Maybe your cushions are to blame. Replace them with satin or silk ones. They do not exert as much friction on the hair as traditional cotton ones.

The best scrub

You can do it yourself. Just mix three tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of brown sugar. Stir well and rub your body with this mixture. Then rinse under the shower. You will notice your skin much softer.

Moisturizer for eyelashes

Another one of those homemade beauty tricks that do not fail is to apply neutral petroleum jelly on the eyelashes to hydrate them. Some women even change the mascara from time to time for this product to not punish them with so much makeup.

Goodbye black dots

It is one of the struggles that most women face. To “descale” the dirt that accumulates in the pores, clogging them, you can apply a little lemon juice to your face with cotton. Do you want more tricks to remove blackheads once and for all?

Perfect lips

Occasionally the lips can become dry, and little unsightly skins appear. To get rid of them, grab a little coconut oil (wetting the tip of a finger is enough) and another low sugar and gently rub your lips. You will see that they look good.

The best dark circles

If you have had a bad night and have bags and dark circles, nothing like applying a little bit of fresh Greek yoghurt, as a mask, under the eyes.

It helps to decongest and, also, it forces you to spend a few minutes lying down and relaxed, which surely won’t hurt. Take note of these ten practical ways to end your dark circles.

Hydrated cuticles

Cuticles are a problem if we want to keep a beautiful manicure. And since cutting and pushing them can lead to infections and injuries, better keep them at bay with a good moisturizer. Extra olive oil is one of the best, without a doubt.

Face and neckline

This trick is super easy to carry out. All you have to do is apply your usual moisturizer to the face and the neck and decollete. Especially in this last part, do it with upward movements as a massage. This anti-ageing moisturizer has been reformulated and incorporates SPF30.

Goodbye to dandruff

If you occasionally have a dandruff attack, don’t despair. There is an excellent trick to get rid of it, and it is to mix your shampoo with crushed aspirin. You will have a clean and fresh mane.

Cellulitis remedy

It’s a bit of an old trick, but if some anti-cellulite creams incorporate this ingredient, it will be for a reason. Many women incorporate a little ground coffee into their regular shower gel to gently exfoliate the most troublesome areas.

Get rid of the scent.

The smell of coffee is excellent in the morning, but not sleeping or working with that aroma attached to the body. Then, clean your skin again with the same gel with which you have mixed your coffee, but this time alone.

Perfect skin

Orange, we all know, contains large doses of vitamin C and this, in turn, is one of those ingredients that we all look like crazy in our anti-ageing creams. You can make your mask free with this fruit if you let the skin dry in the sun, blend them, and mix the resulting powder with a little water.

Apply the paste you have obtained to your face and let it act for 20 minutes.

Coconut water

Do you know those days when you wake up with a puffy face for no apparent reason? It has a solution, and it involves applying freezing coconut water to your face. To do this, soak some makeup remover discs with this drink and place them on your face.

Renewed nails

If your nails have a yellowish tone, always keep them painted will not solve the problem, but rub them with toothpaste for a couple of minutes. Test it! They become whiter and brighter.

Often, we go crazy looking for products at very high prices waiting for miracles to work in our hair and our skin, and it turns out that we have the solution in our kitchen.

Some of the best home beauty tricks for problems like cellulite, blackheads, or eye bags have been used for generations, which can only mean one thing: they work.

We have dived in the network in search of some great tips and the popular knowledge of mothers and grandmothers around the world, and we have 10 key tips to get rid, once and for all, of those beauty problems that bring us headlong. These are our favourites.

Homemade Beauty Tricks That Work

For the body. It is clear that without a healthy diet and physical exercise, there is nothing worth fighting cellulite but taking that into account, yes, we can apply an old trick to fight it: add a few tablespoons of ground coffee to your shower gel.

Do you want smoother and juicier skin? Then create your body scrub by mixing honey with brown sugar and then rubbing it all over your body.

For the face. Some celebs use a little fresh Greek yoghurt under the eyes to get rid of bags and dark circles in minutes. They also use coconut water to decongest the face. What does your skin need extra cleaning? Lemon juice applied as a tonic can help you get rid of blackheads.

For the hair. Did you know that avocado and coconut oil are the only ones that penetrate the hair fibre to repair it? It is scientifically proven, so it is not surprising that this trick that Adriana Lima made known to us has been used for so long.

Just mash a ripe avocado and mix it with a little of your favourite conditioner. Apply it to the hair as a mask and let it act as long as you can. Your worst enemy is dandruff? Crush an aspirin and mix it with your shampoo. It will disappear in no time.

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