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Do You Know How To Breathe Well? Surely You’re Doing It Wrong

You breathe unconsciously, but that doesn’t mean you do it right. Take note of these tips for breathing correctly and make the most of your benefits. Breathing is an essential activity of the human being.

We do it since we are born and unconsciously, but no one teaches us to do it. That’s why most of us do it wrong, as we breathe superficially and take advantage of only a third of our lungs’ capacity. But don’t worry, because with a few simple exercises you’ll improve (and a lot!) your way of breathing.

1. What Is Breathing Well?

Get in there and think: do you usually catch air through your mouth most of the time? First mistake. To breathe well, you have to take the air through your nose, as it is where the air is filtered and heated. Something essential for him to get to the lungs correctly.

Now put one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Does your abdomen lift when you breathe? If that’s not the case, your breathing is quite improved.

And it is that when your stomach inflates when breathing, it means that the diaphragm goes into operation, and that’s why you’re breathing efficiently. That is, the air is entering evenly into the lung with very little energy expenditure (since the rest of the muscles barely intervene).

2. What Are The Benefits Of Breathing Well?

Breathing brings oxygen to our entire body, so its benefits are felt throughout your body. For starters, breathing well promotes the proper functioning of the digestive organs, kidney, and heart.

Also, according to the Physiotherapy Area of the SEPAR (Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery), by breathing well your ability to concentrate is more significant and improves your mental performance.

And if that’s not enough, breathing well helps you reduce anxiety. Don’t you believe it? Try breathing from the lower abdomen. Relaxation is practically automatic!

3. Exercises To Breathe Well

Diaphragmatic breathing is the most recommended and used as the basis for many relaxation techniques. In it, the primary muscle is the diaphragm, while the rest of the muscles barely intervene. With these exercises you will put it into practice:

Intense breathing. Lie on your back with a pillow under your knees and a weight on your belly (it can be a book). Breathe slowly through your nose and feel the air fill the highest part of your abdomen, while the chest area barely moves. Your stomach (the book) should rise much higher than your chest. Then let the air come out slowly by pursing the lips.

Go back to your childhood. You can realize the importance of respiration by making soap bubbles. Purse the lips and practice exhalation. If you blow fast, the pomp doesn’t come out or break right away. If you do it slowly, instead, you get big glory that lasts a while longer.

A simple straw. Please take a little pipe and blow into it with pursed lips. This creates pressure in your mouth that prevents your airway from closing too soon. In addition to the abdominal concentration is higher. As SEPAR points out, this makes your breathing longer and improves, hence the effectiveness of breathing.

4. Yoga and stretching

Aerobic sports such as swimming or ‘running’ improve total lung capacity, i.e., our lungs’ ability to accommodate air. But it’s yoga that can improve the breathing pattern. The reason? It is based on optimal breathing management as it seeks deeper, calmer, and diaphragmatic breathing.

Remember to also include some stretching routine in your day-to-day life, especially when we get up and go to bed. And more if you work in an office, where you spend many hours in the same position and with a hunched posture.

It stretches the upper body; it is the one that contributes to the most fabulous lung filling. Remember to make deep inspirations through your nose while stretching.

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