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HIIT Challenge 28 Days To Improve Endurance And Burn Fat In Record Time

If you’ve always wanted to try HIIT, high-intensity interval training, note this challenge and start practicing it! It will help you improve endurance and burn fat.

Have you already tried HIIT? The HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) routine is a high-intensity interval training, one of the most effective ways to improve endurance and burn fat! So today I propose a 28 day HIIT challenge. You can begin it whenever you want to Ready?

Hiit Challenge 28 Days To Improve Endurance And Burn Fat

Endurance And Burn Fat

The challenge is made up of six exercises that you intersperse each day. Are these:

Exercise 1. To start, we will make a dynamic plank. We will place ourselves on a plank, with the forearms touching the ground and the back straight. Holding in this position, we will go up and down the pyramid plate during the entire working time.

Exercise 2. In this second exercise, we will stand, with the palms of the hands facing up and the arms flexed, and we will open and close the legs, while we will raise and lower the arms.

Exercise 3. We will do scissors (two jumps), and then we will jump down in a squat. Two scissor jumps, and we squat down. This, during the entire working time.

Exercise 4. We will do knees up, first one and then the other, and then we will do two jumps in stride, first with one leg in front and then with the other.

Exercise 5. We will squat down, touching the ground. We sit down, jump in the middle with our feet together, and squat down again, feeling the other side.


Exercise 6. Finally, we will finish this challenge with skipping, you know, fast marches in the same place, with intensity and giving everything.

Do you want more exercise?

More exercises to enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle. And if you want, you can exercises and tips to achieve a healthy diet.

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