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The 4 Keys To Get Rid Of Insomnia

Insomnia: When sleeping, the body and mind regenerate, recover, and get ready for the next day. If you find it difficult to sleep, wake up at dawn, or sleep is not restorative, you can resent it a lot.

There is a proven fact, not very positive for our health: in the last two decades, changes in Western society habits have caused us to lose at least 2 hours of sleep. And the trend continues in this line.

The hours we spend sleeping are not wasted hours.

Our body and our brain take advantage to renew themselves, to “stop” and start again, to regenerate tissues, to repair the damage … and if we do not sleep enough or do not rest well, our health ends up suffering.

1. Sick From Lack of Sleep: Insomnia

Lack of sleep can cause an imbalance between ghrelin (hormone appetite) and leptin (satiety) in favor of the first, there is more appetite for carbohydrates, and that makes us gain weight more easily.

Lack of Sleep

On the other hand, glucose metabolism is also unbalanced, favoring diabetes 2. The obesity linked to diabetes and hypertension is almost synonymous with metabolic syndrome.

Being physically active and following a balanced diet are the basis of good health, but specialists insist that a good night’s sleep should be the third essential pillar of iron health.

So in our plan, we will propose 4 keys that putting into practice will make you feel much better. You will be up to fall asleep quickly, and you will make your night’s rest, really, restorative.

2. In This Plan, You Will Learn:

KEY 1: What causes behind insomnia. Something basic to fix the root insomnia problem.

KEY 2: What habits do you follow during the day that marks the way you sleep afterward? Sometimes we are the ones who boycott our night rest with inappropriate daytime practices.

drugs to sleep

KEY 3: The foods that steal your dream and acting natural sleep aid. Most of the time, by changing our dietary habits and incorporating some foods that we do not usually consider, we can achieve incredible results without resorting to drugs to sleep.

KEY 4: Natural solutions to sleep better. Infusions, essential oils, homeopathy, exercise To solve sleep disorders, whether sporadic or chronic, there are many effective solutions.

We also explain what happens when you take sleeping pills, which can be an option but always under medical prescription.

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