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15 Light And Tasty Slimming Salads

There are no more boring and tedious diet salads; here is the proof that they can also be delicious without going overboard.

Low calorie but vibrant salads

These salad recipes will come in handy if you’re on a diet to lose weight or are trying to eat lighter. There is something for everyone.

Green salad with green beans and salmon

Going on a diet doesn’t mean you just have to eat a bland green salad. You can customize it to keep it light but also delicious like this. On a base of young sprouts, put cherry tomatoes and onion.

To give it a special touch, you can add some tender beans and steamed zucchini slices. And so that it does not lack protein, a little smoked salmon, which has fewer calories than the fresh one.

1. Orange and date salad

It only has 180 calories. It has various and sprouted lettuces, skinless orange segments, and some cut dates. To season, you can opt for a lemon vinaigrette instead of vinegar to accentuate the citrus touch.

And if you wanted to turn it into a unique dish, to compensate for the lack of protein, you could add a little desalted cod, which goes well with the orange.

Orange stuffed with a prawn cocktail

Wash an orange, cut off a lid and carefully empty it. Reserving the juice you release, chop the pulp and mix it with some tender sprouts.

Saute some prawns or peeled prawns—season with sea salt and pepper and dust with chopped chives. Mix the saved juice with oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper and beat until smooth.

Fill the orange with the salad, top with the prawns, and season with the vinaigrette. This delight only adds 115 calories.

Avocado and tomato salad with snow peas

Avocado and tomato salad

The only complication that this salad has is making the snow peas: you trim them, wash them and cook them for a couple of minutes in abundant boiling salted water (you can substitute them for tender beans).

Once drained and cooled, mix them with small tomatoes cut into quarters, radish slices, carrot sticks, avocado slices, and raw sprouts.

And garnish it with a mustard vinaigrette along with chopped hazelnuts and poppy seeds.

2. Spinach salad with anchovies and dried tomatoes

It is as simple as what you see. A base of fresh spinach leaves with chopped tomatoes in oil, anchovies in vinegar and mozzarella cubes. To give it a “crunchy” and first touch, you can add chopped pistachios on top.

To subtract more calories, you can use dried tomatoes and hydrate them with water, and quail eggs instead of mozzarella. It is one of the recipes with irresistible spinach and easy to make.

Fresh pepper salad

Make strips of red, green, and yellow bell peppers. Cut some mushrooms into thin slices and drizzle with lemon, so they don’t rust. Cut onion into feathers. Mix everything and put it on a base of spinach leaves or tender sprouts. Top with a light vinaigrette.

And garnish with chive stems, chopped walnuts, and poppy seeds. If you want more protein and still a vegan recipe, add a handful of canned chickpeas.

Tuna salad

Tuna salad

It is one of the classic salads to lose weight, but not for that less tasty. The trick to making it more appealing is to put lettuces of various colors (which are best seen), cut the vegetables very thin (carrot, pepper, onion), and decorate with some aromatic herb (fresh mint, rosemary) to than opening your mouth.

But, yes, the best tuna in brine so as not to overdo the oil.

3. Lamb’s lettuce salads with orange, raisins, and walnuts

Here is another of the delicious salads to lose weight with orange. Mix lamb’s lettuce with live peeled orange segments (without the skin that covers them), celery slices (wash and remove the strands of the stalk before), julienned purple onion, and some chopped walnuts and raisins (soak them previously for a few minutes to rehydrate them).

If you want it to be more complete and still be a vegetarian recipe, add fresh cheese cubes.

Apple and mushroom salads with nuts

It looks delicious and only 180 calories. Take fresh spinach leaves, carrots, chives, apples, mushrooms, and chopped nuts. Mix everything and season with a vinaigrette made with oil, vinegar, and a pinch of jam that you have on hand.

Prevent the mushrooms and apple from turning black by sprinkling with lemon after cutting. Mushrooms are one of the most satiating and weight-loss foods because they have almost no calories.

Mussel and cockle salad

On a bed of lettuce sprouts and other green leaves put small cubes of bell pepper, sliced ​​hearts of palm, cherry tomatoes. Add some cockles and some canned mussels. And garnish with vegetable sprouts. If you want it to be much more productive, make the cockles and mussels steamed.

In addition to being very light, it is one of our healthy and quick salads.

4. Warm chicken and vegetable salad

If you are looking for a salad to lose weight that is complete, try this recipe with chicken. Make a grilled breast. Let it moderate and cut it into slices. While it is done, cut some bell pepper and carrot sticks and sauté them a little. Mix everything with lettuce or endive.

And complete with black olives and chopped chives or another aromatic herb. It has 205 calories.

Chickpea salad with tender sprouts and fresh cheese

It has no mystery. Grab a bag of assorted green sprouts (the kind they sell washed and ready-to-use ), one of the processed foods that are considered healthy or tolerable if you follow # real food’s postulates -) and mix them with cooked chickpeas, fresh type cheese: Burgos and some chopped walnuts.

Green salad with peas and quail eggs

To make this vegetarian salad, you need lettuce, cherry tomatoes cut in half, carrot cut into slices with the help of a kitchen mandolin, fresh or boiled peas, and cooked quail eggs. Thanks to the proteins in eggs and peas, it is complete and fits as a single dish.

Avocado, prawn and poached egg salad

This salad, in addition to being light, is very satiating. Thanks to the nutritional power of eggs, shrimp, and avocado, rich in protein and vitamins. It is one of the recipes with folded proteins that will not leave you hungry.

And it is also very appealing for a party lunch or dinner and very little money if you buy the cooked prawns.

Lamb’s lettuce salad with strawberries and cottage cheese

Strawberries, like the rest of the berries, combine very well with salads. This is done by mixing canons, fruits, or strawberries cut into quarters, a little cottage cheese, one of the cheeses with fewer calories, and some peeled hazelnuts.

To enhance this salad’s bittersweet flavor, you can add a little honey and mustard to the vinaigrette.

5. Tricks to lighten salads

Put an excellent green base. If you want to lose weight, the more lettuce, tender sprouts, spinach, or red cabbage you put, the more you fill the salad without increasing calories or fat

Watch out for vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind that some are lighter than others, and certain fruits have a lot of sugar. Find out which ones are best for you in the fruit ranking from most to least sugar.

vegetables salad

Partner with foods that fill a lot. Mushrooms, carrots, avocado, spinach, or orange are some of the most satisfying meals. Adding them to your salads makes you feel full sooner and don’t go overboard with the amounts.

Choose light and healthy proteins. If you want it to be more nutritious, add legumes or eggs, which have a lot of protein and little fat; low-calorie cheeses; healthy fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel or anchovies; lean meats like turkey or chicken; or a little seafood: prawns, mussels, cockles.

Watch out for accessories. Like olives, some can be very caloric; Put them in moderation and, if you can, change them for other lighter pickles, such as pickles. And as for nuts, yes but in moderation.

Light dressings. It is best to prepare the vinaigrette separately to control the quantities well, reduce the amount of oil, give the body with yogurt or mustard, which is one of the spices with a fat-burning effect, and do not overdo it with salt, which causes fluid retention.

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