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10 Keys To Making A Good Seafood Barbecue

Seafood Barbecue: A fish and seafood grill is the lighter, digestive, and heart-healthy alternative to the typical meat barbecues, which are not as healthy due to their calorie content, saturated fat, and additives.

We love barbecues for all that it entails: they are a meeting with family and friends where we share a fun day outdoors. But it usually also means eating a meal full of saturated fat and high in calories.

But there is another option to enjoy a good barbecue more healthily: seafood barbecue. We can substitute black pudding, bacon, or sausages, some foods whose abuse can pose a risk to our health, for delicious grilled fish and seafood.

1. Fish That We Can Put on the Barbecue

Doradas, sea bass, sardines, cuttlefish, prawns, and seafood are the perfect alternative to star in a balanced and flavorful barbecue, thanks to the right amount of healthy fat. We give you some options of fish and seafood that are great grilled:

Sardines: They help us reduce cholesterol levels and high triglycerides. They are a healthy and inexpensive option, and they are delicious when roasted on the grill.

For them to be just right, it is essential not to overcook them to remain juicy. And making them on a barbecue saves you the smell of sardines that is impregnated in your kitchen.

Dorada, turbot, sea bass or sea bass: Other exquisite options that provide all the benefits of oily fish, with Omega 3 fatty acids, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and reduce bad cholesterol.

These fish are deliciously grilled, with crunchy skin and very juicy meat.

Salmon barbecue

Salmon: One of the most beneficial fish due to its high value in Omega 3 fatty acids. It helps us protect ourselves from heart disease and maintain good brain health.

It is also instrumental in lowering cholesterol. You can put this fish directly on the grill or skewer in the shape of taquitos.

2. Prawns, Prawns, and Crayfish

They are a source of nutrients and fatty acids, and they provide us with proteins of high nutritional value, necessary for the development of healthy muscles.

You can make them on the barbecue without peeling, with coarse salt, oil, and lemon, or inserted on skewers with vegetables. Leave them for only a few minutes on each side, so they don’t get dry.

Cuttlefish, squid, or octopus: Cephalopods are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iodine, potassium, or selenium; they provide very few calories and are great grill. You can sprinkle them with a mash of olive oil, garlic, and parsley after making them.

Clams, scallops, or mussels: They have high nutritional properties, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that are very beneficial for health. To grill them, you can use a unique rack or place them on several aluminum foil sheets.

3. Decalogue for a Perfect Seafood Barbecue

To prepare a barbecue based on fish and seafood, it is unnecessary to have excellent culinary knowledge. Following some simple guidelines can be very useful for us.

From Crianza de Nuestro Mares –the seal of origin that guarantees the freshness of sea bream, sea bass, and croaker raised by companies in open sea waters off our coasts– they give us 10 tips to achieve a delicious and, above all, healthy seafood barbecue.

Ask the fishmonger to prepare the fish for you to barbecue, whole, gutted, with skin and without scales.
Elaborates the coals with carbon as it will provide a more neutral flavor to foods.

Grasp the fish out of the refrigerator about 30 minutes before putting it on the barbecue and season with salt to penetrate the loins, while it reaches room temperature.

Spread the fish with a little olive oil to not stick; you mustn’t put it in excess so that it does not fall into the embers.

Grill it with soft, flameless embers. If the barbecue has several levels, place the fish on the highest part or try to keep a suitable distance to avoid burning. You can also use unique fish grills. E l roasting time will depend on the thickness of the fish. Remember that it is advisable to turn it only once.

Perfect Seafood Barbecue

Take it out before it’s done, as it continues to cook after removing it from the coals. Pinch it to check that the meat’s color is white and that it peels off easily from the skin and central spine.

4. Vegetables as a Garnish

You can use vegetables as a garnish. Cut them thin or put them on the barbecue before the fish, since they take longer.

It can be served with fresh Pipirrana with tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini, and seasonal onions. Also, some grilled potatoes can be a good accompaniment.

When serving, top with garlic mash, parsley, salt, and oil for a more Mediterranean touch. Or you can also add on a splash of lemon.

Drink cold beverages to maintain hydration. And protect yourself from the sun by looking for shady areas. If this is not possible, cover your head with a cap or hat and put on sunscreen, mostly when the barbecue is made in the middle of the day.

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