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10 Mistakes That Raise Your Cholesterol Without Realizing It

Raise Your Cholesterol: You watch your diet, look at food labels, exercise, but your cholesterol rises. Find out what faults you may be making and how to remedy them.

Vegetable creams light?

If your vegetable creams have cream for making, you add saturated fat to your diet that does not help you control cholesterol. You can substitute the cream for herb broth, skim milk, or use the lighter cream varieties (18% fat) to lighten them.

Always look for light foods

Food is contemplated light when it has less than 30% of calories than its reference food (non-light). But just because the words “light,” “no added sugar,” or “low fat” appears on the packaging does not mean they have low levels of fat or sugar.

It only tells you that they have below the original, but they can still have high sugars or fats.

Dinner only fruit

The fruit is a very healthy food; while it has a, it is very rich in fructose, a fast-absorbing sugar. If you eat a lot of fruit at dinner, its sugar will be stored in your body as fat.

And this will also assist raise your blood cholesterol level. The excellent time to have fruit is breakfast, as a dessert after lunch or at snack time.

Dinner only fruit

I was doing over going sport

If you do uncontrolled physical activity, your body will suffer a drop in sugar (glucose) and ask you for foods rich in sugars and fats.

And it is shown that they end up swallow more calories from fatty foods than those spent exercising. However, doing moderate physical exercise regularly, especially if it is aerobic (walking, running, swimming, dancing ), helps to reduce “bad cholesterol” and increase “good” cholesterol.

Smoking or being a passive smoker

Breathing tobacco smoke makes “bad” cholesterol better bind to the walls of your arteries. This increases cholesterol, triglycerides and platelet gathering, favoring atherosclerosis, and loss of flexibility of the arteries. If you have cholesterol problems, leave smoking will benefit you.

See “cholesterol-free” and not look at the entire label.

Many foods presented as “cholesterol-free” do not contain this particular type of fat but may incorporate other fats – such as saturated or trans fats.

And consume foods high in saturated and trans fats frequently influences your blood cholesterol, even added to eating foods that hold cholesterol. Therefore, watch the amount and type of fats contained in food.

Drink more than one glass of wine a day

Many studies claim that moderate swallow amounts of alcohol, especially red wine, improve “good” cholesterol levels thanks to its phenolic and tannin components.

But what happens when consumption is higher? It saturates liver enzymes, responsible for metabolizing fats, which causes an increase in fat concentration in the liver and an increase in bad cholesterol or LDL. Therefore, the ideal is not to have more than one drink.

Living with stress or anxiety

Stress is a natural reaction to a threat. The body prepares by free hormones and mobilizing fat and glucose. If they do not burn and anxiety becomes chronic, it is when the levels of fat (lipids) in the blood rise.

Avoid it by doing sports and killing two birds with one stone, since aerobic exercise (walking, running, cycling, swimming) reduces cholesterol and reduces stress.

Bicycle exercise

Eat enough of white bread, rice, or pasta

The misuse of refined carbohydrates causes us to accumulate fat in the body since excess glucose can be change into triglycerides. For this reason, it is wise to moderate its consumption and opt whenever possible for whole grains. These, also, thanks to their fiber content, delay the absorption of cholesterol.

Taking the contraceptive pill

Some drugs increase the level of cholesterol in the blood. According to the Cardiology Society, the main ones are contraceptive pills, steroids, cortisone, and diuretics.

Likewise, your cholesterol can also be raised in diabetes, hypothyroidism, and ailments that affect the kidney or unhelpful liver disease.

Surplus cholesterol is a health threat that does not face. You can have it raised and not realize it until you do a procedure examination.

How can it be if you avoid misuse of either eggs or sausages or red meat in your diet? There are other elements that you may not be aware of that decisively influence your cholesterol level.

1. How It Affects You

Cholesterol is a substance that our body makes naturally or from certain foods, and it is necessary because it intervenes in many vital functions. Why are we so afraid of him? The problem appears when your levels become unbalanced, as it can cause cardiovascular issues. Raise Your Cholesterol

The key to keeping away from it is finding the stability between “bad cholesterol” (LDL) and “good cholesterol” (HDL), lowering the former and increasing the latter.

2. How to Decipher the Blood Test

Total Cholesterol

It should be below 200 mg/dl of blood. An excess of up to 239 can be controlled through diet and exercise.

“Bad” Cholesterol, Ldl

It should be below 129. Up to 160 is slightly high. Above, this figure can raise the risk of cardiovascular disease.

“Good” Cholesterol, Hdl

It is tolerable above 50 in women and 40 in men. The higher the HDL cholesterol, the better protection against heart disease.

3. Before I’m High

High cholesterol is the result of a long process. In the analyzes, you can find clues to the inequality. If triglycerides are high (more than 150 mg/dl) and HDL cholesterol is low (less than 60 mg/dl), you should begin proceeds action.

4. Cholesterol Myths You Should Know

a. Eggs Raise cholesterol

False. It would help if you weren’t so scared of them. You can take up to 3-4 a week. An egg provides about 185 mg of cholesterol, but you can take up to 300 mg a day, so if you consume skimmed dairy products and legumes instead of meat the same day, you do not have to exceed the outrun.

Eggs Raise Cholesterol

Of course, get used to creating tortillas with one yolk and two whites, because the egg is the one that contains cholesterol.

b. Salads Do Not Raise Cholesterol

False. Salads are not always synonymous with light, low-fat food. That depends on the ingredients you include. If you usually take it with fatty cheese, think that this is a source of saturated fats and that these influence your cholesterol level to rise.

The same can happen if you add bacon or sauces with milk and egg-like mayonnaise and its variants.

c. Phytosterols Control My Cholesterol

False. It is proven that phytosterols can lower cholesterol, and therefore they are added to different foods (dairy, margarine), which can help control it. But a fortified food cannot fix what spoils an unbalanced diet. The essential thing is to take care of the whole menu. Don’t neglect the rest of your meal just by taking them.

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