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8 Perfect Infusions To Start The Day

Infusions: Be the day with a full breakfast will give us enough energy and optimism to meet the schedule. We recommend accompanying yours with a cup of tea or an infusion. And is that the mornings can be the best time to savor a green tea or a chai tea.

1. To Purify, Dandelion

This plant is ideal for improving the liver and kidneys’ functioning since one of its most outstanding properties is its purifying capacity. Please take it as insertion and add a teaspoon of stevia.

You can take it hot or warm. Preferably, drink it half an hour before breakfast.

2. Take Advantage of the Energy of Green Tea

At breakfast or mid-morning, green tea provides you with the energy you need to meet your daily schedule. This plant provides a large number of antioxidants and minerals.

It is healthier to take it outside of meals to not interfere with the assimilation of iron. You can combine it with mint or lemon.

3. Black Tea, Stimulating

Like all teas, black tea gives us vitality and energy, but this is also an aromatic tea with a strong flavor and very digestive that will also help put your blood cholesterol levels in check from first thing in the morning.

The ideal temperature to prepare an excellent black tea is 80 to 90ºC. If the weather is too low, it may not bring out the full range of flavors, and if it is too high, the tea will be overly tannic and taste bitter.

4. Matcha Tea, Concentration Infusions

Although one of its virtues is to better our ability to concentrate, it is not its only quality. Matcha tea drops cholesterol and blood sugar and does not lift insulin levels or blood pressure.

Its preparation is simple. It is a spoonful of the tea in a cup poured, water is added at 80 ° and beaten to form froth with a tool called Chasen, which looks like a shaving brush bristles which are but bamboo.

5. Chai Tea, Revitalizing

Tea is a green or black tea; it is prepared with spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, and vanilla.

Chai tea is considered digestive, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and takes care of our cardiovascular and respiratory health.

6. Kombucha, for Your Defenses

Kombucha is a probiotic drink made from sweetened black tea that is fermented by bacteria. Its ability to strengthen the immune system stands out, as well as intestinal health.

Black tea with sugar is the most commonly used ingredients, but you can also use other herbs such as green tea, hibiscus flower, or mate herb tea for a more pleasant taste.

7. Mondays, Red Tea Infusions

Who says Monday, says Thursday or Tuesday. The fact is that regularly drinking red tea helps improve mood when it is low. So maybe Monday is an excellent day to start the day and the week with strength.

Red tea helps with weight loss, lowers blood cholesterol levels, and facilitates the digestive process. Enjoy its properties, except if you have hypertension, as it tends to increase blood pressure.

8. Blue Tea or Oolong Tea Infusions

It is a milder tea because it has less theine. Its flavor is a mixture of sensations in the middle of green and red tea. Without a doubt, a delight for the senses and your health, that you should not miss the opportunity to try.

Remember that tea contains tannins, so it prevents a good absorption of iron if we take it immediately after eating.

A Great Ally in the Morning

Most experts defend the idea that the first meal of the day, which breaks the night fast, is essential to cope with all daily activities. Consequently, great attention should be paid to the foods we include at breakfast.

In this sense, coffee with milk accompanied by cookies or industrial pastries have been and are, without a doubt, the preferred ones.

In this new scenario, infusions and teas are also gaining followers. And there is no lack of reasons to join this incipient and healthy new food trend.

In the gallery you have discerned, we have collected some of the infusions and teas whose consumption in the morning is ideal, either for the vitality they provide, for their antioxidant capacity, or for their power to lift your spirits.

Advantages of Tea at Breakfast

Both inside and outside breakfast, tea is a plant that provides countless health benefits. Now, what specific effects can we highlight when we opt for a cup of tea at breakfast or throughout the morning? Let’s see the most outstanding:

  • Helps improve the digestion process.
  • Reduces the production of the stress hormone.
  • Stimulates the body thanks to its theine content.
  • Regulates appetite throughout the day.
  • Its wide variety of flavors is an excellent incentive to prepare different breakfasts.
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