18 Recipes For Lunch Or Dinner That Are Prepared In 5 Minutes

Can you make a decent meal or dinner in such a short time without resorting to ultra-processing? The answer is yes. I admit it: I love to cook, but sometimes it does not give me life, and I need quick and easy recipes to get out of trouble without resorting to snacks or ultra-processed foods.

The trick to attain this is to opt for simple recipes (such as, for example, this tomato, pepper, red cabbage, tender beans, and avocado salad), opt for very simple cookings (grilled, sauteed, microwaved ) and take advantage of processed foods that are considered acceptable (cooked legumes, washed and cut vegetables).

It is what we have done in the following recipes to go in a hurry. Let’s see what you think. They work for me.

1. White Bean and Sardine Salad

It is as simple as mixing some drained white beans from the can together with canned sardines (which give a lot of play to make countless quick and easy recipes), tomato cut into wedges, avocado slices, and black olives.

Other options. You can put tuna instead of sardines and other pickles.

2. Zucchini Spaghetti With Bolognese

Take some of the zucchini spaghetti that they sell already cut, skip them for a couple of minutes, and accompany them with a Bolognese sauce from a pot or that you already have prepared in advance not to throw away ultra-processed ones.

More ideas. You can also make the spaghetti with a potato peeler or a spiralizer (it does not take more than 2-3 minutes) and put other sauces that you have in the fridge or pantry: homemade fried tomato, pesto, romesco.

recipes in 5 minutes eat dinner scrambled asparagus prawns

3. Scrambled Eggs With Asparagus and Shrimp

It is enough to saute the wild asparagus for a couple of minutes to be pasta. Add cooked or frozen prawns or prawns that are already peeled. And mix it all with beaten egg.

Other ingredients. Skip the prawns and, instead, put some of the mushrooms they sell already cut and washed to saute or some can.

4. Quinoa, Avocado and Salmon Poke

In a pan or a glass jar, put a quinoa base that they already sell ready-made. Top with soft onion feathers, avocado tacos, and raw salmon (but previously frozen 72 hours to prevent anisakids), some edamame grains, some fresh and sprouted broccoli saplings to decorate.

Faster. Instead of raw salmon, you can add marinated or smoked salmon; instead of edamame, some cooked beans or canned sweet corn; And if you don’t like fresh broccoli, substitute it with another vegetable, such as cucumber.

5. Cuba Style Rice Recipes

Besides being one of those easy and essential cooking recipes that we can all make, Cuban rice can be prepared in 5 minutes playing with the ingredients. The trick is to do it with pre-cooked rice, canned tomato sauce, and a fried or grilled egg if you want it with less fat.

Good ideas. Both white rice and tomato can be bought ready-made or have them made in advance in a batch cooking plan (cook one day at a time for the whole week) and store them in a Tupper in the fridge to be used according to your menus or needs.

6. Chickpeas With Egg and Cod Recipes

Boil some quail eggs (4 minutes is enough). Meanwhile, drain a few chickpeas from the pot and mix them with fresh spinach leaves. Add a little crumbled salted cod, peeled quail eggs, and voila. Faster. Replace the cooked egg with fresh cheese and cod with canned tuna.

7. Avocado and Smoked Salmon Salad

Separate the avocado in half, remove the bone, and remove the pulp with a spoon’s help. Fill the shells with green sprouts, chive feathers, diced mash, and smoked salmon.

Other options. You can also fill it with homemade or bought Russian salad and enriched with avocado and salmon pulp instead of tuna. For example, for dinner, better this option that will be less indigestible than the one with tender sprouts and onions.

8. Goat Cheese Salad With Mushrooms

On a lamb’s lettuce bed, put rolled mushrooms (so they don’t rust, sprinkle them with a little lemon juice), washed cranberries, and a slice of heated goat cheese round and round.

More options. You can also saute the mushrooms a little, if you do not like them raw, and thus obtain a warm salad ideal for dinner.

9. Tender Beans With Grilled Fish

Although they are almost always eaten boiled, young beans are also vibrant, lightly sauteed if they are very fresh. Just wash and saute them for a few minutes in a boiling pan or wok. So they are crispy and al dente.

And at the same time, you can make grilled, round and round, a fish-like hake, salmon, fresh cod, mackerel.

More flavor. To make it more productive, you can season the fish and beans with golden garlic in a pan with a little oil. But keep in mind that if you do more than you should, the garlic is bitter.

10. Asparagus With Salmon and a Soft-boiled Egg

Hard-boiled eggs take about 8-10 minutes, but 3-5 minutes are enough to make them boiled or poached. While the egg is cooking, make some grilled wild asparagus with a string of oil. Assemble the plate with the asparagus in the base, smoked salmon, and the egg on top.

Alternatives. You11. Express Lentil Stew can add mushrooms and feta cheese or tofu and skip the egg and smoked salmon.

11. Express lentil stew

Lightly fry some slices of chorizo. Add ratatouille that is already made or homemade or bought tomato sauce. Incorporates drained pot lentils. Mix well so that all the flavors are impregnated and accompany with a half glass of pre-cooked basmati rice.

Vegetarian version. Instead of chorizo, ​​you can put tofu cubes and season them with sweet or spicy paprika to have that chorizo ​​point.

12. Sausages With Ratatouille

It is as simple as making some grilled sausages and serving them on a bed of ratatouille or Sanfaina that you have already made in advance or purchased. To make the sausages quicker and juicier, cover them as you cook them, and add a white wine splash.

Alternatives. You can also put some of the vegetables they sell prepared for microwave cooking in their bag. And instead of sausages, grilled tenderloin, tin sardines.

13. Omelette Stuffed With Ham and Cheese

Impossible faster. You make a thin French omelet, cut it in two, and fill it with ham and cheese as if it were a sandwich. To produce a complete dish, you can accompany it with some green sprouts and raw tomato slices.

Other options. If it’s for dinner, instead of green sprouts, pair it with some vegetables or broccoli in the microwave.

14. Chickpea Salad

Just mix drained can chickpeas with crumbled canned tuna and diced onion, tomato, and bell pepper. And to dress, a little old mustard and lemon.

Faster. Add only chickpeas, canned tuna, cherry tomatoes, and sweet corn and pickled chives. This way, you save yourself cutting the vegetables.

15. Grilled Chicken With Cherry Tomatoes

The trick to going in a hurry is to cut the chicken breast into thin fillets and accompany it with some raw tomatoes, or if it is for dinner and you want it to be less indigestible, passed by the paella. You can accompany it with yogurt sauce or another light vinaigrette.

More garnishes. If you don’t like cherry tomatoes, you can add sauteed or preserved mushrooms or other mushrooms, broccoli seedlings in the microwave, zucchini spaghetti.

16. Carpaccio

Any of the carpaccios that sell ready to serve can solve a lunch or dinner in 5 minutes. It is a salmon carpaccio, and we have accompanied it with a melon carpaccio made with the help of a kitchen mandolin.

More ideas. You can also opt for a beef carpaccio or a cod carpaccio and accompany them with salad.

17. Chickpeas With Spinach

Saute some fresh spinach, washed and cut (it is not necessary to boil them), and when they are already losing all the water, add a few drained chickpeas. And to make it more complete, you can accompany it with meat, fish or, if you prefer a vegetarian recipe, grilled seitan or tofu.

More options. You can make the same recipe with fresh, washed, and chopped Swiss chard instead of spinach.

18. Gazpacho With Ham

Gazpacho or Salmorejo is another classic of fast lunches or dinners as long as you have it prepared or purchased. You just have to grasp it out of the fridge and accompany it with ham (like here), sardines, boiled egg, fresh cheese, minced vegetables, strawberries.

Express gazpacho. If you do not have it already done, you can grate some tomatoes directly on the plate, dress it and accompany it with the same garnishes as the gazpacho of a lifetime.

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