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9 Recipes With Eggs That Solve A Lunch Or Dinner

Recipes With Eggs: Although it has a bad reputation for its cholesterol content, eggs are healthier and more nutritious than we think. Here are 9 recipes to incorporate it into your regular diet quick and nutritious egg recipes.

The egg is a food with a large number of nutrients and very few calories, in addition to having a healthy fat composition. Do you want ideas to incorporate them into your dishes?

1. 9 Recipes With Eggs

Egg With Potatoes and Paprika

A lifelong preparation, easy, inexpensive, and very energetic to charge your batteries and arrive at the end of the day like new.

Poached Egg With Avocado and Prawns

An easy, exquisite, colorful, and very nutritious dish for a special occasion or to succeed on holiday without hurting your pocket.

Egg With Paprika

Scrambled Eggs With Pepper

A very nutritious and light combination that fits perfectly as an aperitif, a starter, or to solve an improvised dinner in the blink of the stove.

Poached Egg With Green Beans

A healthy and nutritious recipe so easy to prepare that you won’t believe it.

Pipirrana With Boiled Egg

A very economical, light, and refreshing option based on onion, cucumber, pepper, and tomato, which, served in a timbale, and accompanied by a boiled egg, becomes a real feast for the senses.

Pancakes With Scrambled Egg and Salmon

An alternative to the classic salmon toast, ideal for a weekend brunch or a holiday, or to start the day with energy thanks to its high nutritional value.

Cheese and Basil Omelets

A simple, cheap, and very nutritious recipe based on eggs and cheese to start the day with energy or recharge after a tiring day.

Egg Stuffed With Avocado and Ham

An easy, inexpensive, very nutritious dish different from the classic stuffed egg, with ham, instead of tuna, and avocado, instead of pepper.

Egg Stuffed With Avocado

Tomato and Mozzarella Tortillas

An easy, inexpensive, very complete, and even light recipe, if you opt for a creamy mozzarella, combines the nutritional power of the egg with the bonus of fresh mozzarella.

It is true. Eggs have a lot of cholesterol. A medium one, of about 65 g, provides 230 mg. Hence, it has long been considered a “forbidden” food for people with high cholesterol.

However, several studies have shown that consuming eggs in moderation does not affect cholesterol levels. One of the reasons is that they contain lecithin, which helps counteract it.

Here you have all its secrets and, in the gallery, nine ideas for you to incorporate delicious egg-based recipes into your menus.

2. Does Egg Make You Fat? Recipes With Eggs

An egg only contributes around 140 kcal, depending on its size. And as for the fats it contains, almost half are monounsaturated, the most beneficial. Also, it is rich in iron and premium protein. So no, it doesn’t get very fat.

3. How to Know if an Egg is Fresh

When buying eggs, always check the best before date. In the fridge, they can last 10-14 days as long as you don’t subject them to temperature changes.

If you doubt whether an egg is fresh or not, put it in a bowl with salt water. If it goes to the bottom, it’s cool. Otherwise, it will float. When you break a slightly fresh egg, it has a more liquid white and a less consistent yolk.

Egg is Fresh

4. What Do the Codes Mean?

If the first digit is 0 or 1, the hens have been raised outdoors. Also, of these two numbers, 0 indicates that they have been fed with organic feed.

If the first digit is 2 or 3, it indicates that the hens have been raised in cages, without natural light or access to the open air. The difference between 2 and 3 is the degree of overcrowding.

5. Tips for Recipes With Eggs

To make the tortillas very fluffy, beat the eggs well, but without foaming. You can add a tablespoon of milk for every two eggs or also separate the whites from the yolks, whip them until stiff, and then mix them with the beaten yolks.

If what you want is to make boiled eggs, remember that they are placed in cold salted water and that the cooking time will determine their consistency: between 3 and 5 minutes after the first boil if you want them soaked in water, or between 8 and 10 minutes if you wish to hard-boiled eggs.

If you overdo it, the yolk will come out greenish. Learn how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg with these tips. And to peel them easily, soak them in cold water once cooked.

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