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So You Can Reduce The Risk Of Pneumonia

Pneumonia: If your dental hygiene isn’t adequate, bacteria in your mouth can lead to pneumonia. Did you know? But other factors influence the appearance of this disease.

Viruses, bacteria, fungi can reach the lung and infect it, causing pneumonia. Do you know how to prevent this from happening?

1. Pampering Your Mouth Protects the Lungs

Many studies have shown that people who take less care of their mouths have a higher risk of pneumonia. The reason is that the bacteria that cause gingivitis or periodontitis can be inhaled, reach the lung, and infect it.

The American Dental Association ensures that brushing your teeth several times a day and completing hygiene with dental floss or interproximal brushes removes the risk of this happening.

2. The Relationship Between Weight and Pneumonia

If you have a few extra kilos, you should take care of yourself even more.

There is more risk. A study from Aarhus University Hospital (Denmark) showed that obese men have a higher risk of pneumonia.

Specifically, this increase is due to the appearance of chronic diseases associated with excess weight, affecting the lung.

Excess abdominal fat (more common in men) could reduce lung ventilation, increasing the risk of inhaling pathogens.

3. Bad Nose Blowing Leads to Infection

if mucus accumulates in the respiratory tract, a cold can lead to pneumonia.

To avoid this, follow the following recommendations:

Keeping them clear is essential to prevent: blowing badly can cause sinusitis, due to the accumulation of secretions in the upper airways due to poor drainage.

But if this mucus gets into the lower airways, it could cause bronchiolitis or pneumonia.

Respiratory physiotherapy can also help: a specialized physiotherapist can help eliminate accumulated secretions, thus avoiding their obstruction, allowing the correct passage of air and preventing the appearance of serious complications.

a. The Right Way to Do It

If you remove the mucus and keep the area clean, the infection risk will be much lower.

This way, it is better expelled. Many people blow their nose by plugging both nostrils and exerting tremendous pressure. This is a mistake, as the mucus cannot come out.

This must be done by first blocking one hole (to expel the fluids through which it is free) and then the other.

You have to blow your nose first through one hole and then the other.

Finish with a nasal wash. Use saline solution or dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water. Fill a syringe with this solution, tilt your head to the left, and pour it into your right nostril (without applying too much pressure). Change sides and repeat.

b. Breathe Better and Clean Your Lungs

Taking advantage of all the oxygen in the air allows you to avoid “drowning,” improve your organs’ function, be more relaxed and recover after exercise.

Good breathing helps you develop your necessary daily activities, but not only that but also.

You gain health. You increase the oxygenation of your main organs, the brain, and the nervous system, affecting your well-being.

Relax. Following the flow of air in and out of the body serves as a basic relaxation technique and is very useful in helping you rest and eliminate any day-to-day worries.

Also, reasonable cardiopulmonary control is your best asset in situations of stress and anxiety.

It helps you lose weight. If you breathe well, you “drown less” when doing sports, and therefore it is less complicated for you to be constant.

Also, receiving more oxygen helps you burn fat and improves your digestion.

4. Try to Breathe “Clean” Air

Smoking (or breathing) tobacco smoke alters the structure of the lung and its cells’ function. And the same happens if you are exposed to contamination or if you heat the home with firewood, for example.

According to a recent investigation by the Hospital La Fe de Valencia, people who drink alcohol are also among the most prone to suffer from severe pneumonia.

5. Before a Cold, Watch Your Diet

Hydrate well, drinking a minimum of 8 glasses a day helps eliminate mucus, reducing the risk of infection.

Please include in your menus foods that preserve the good health of the lungs to be healthier. As the following:

  • Oily fish is an ideal option; its omega 3 prevents inflammation of the mucosa.
  • Garlic and onion help to thin the mucus.
  • Egg yolk is rich in vitamin A, which regenerates the mucous membranes.
  • Nuts, their vitamin E is key to lung health.

6. Aerobic Activities That Improve Your Breathing

A little aerobic exercise will help you boost your breathing capacity:

“Joyful” walk. Taking a 30-minute walk has been shown to improve all your muscles’ function, including your heart. Also, the muscles involved in breathing become more efficient if you are constant in this activity.

A little swimming. It is one of the best options to improve the lungs, especially if you suffer from some respiratory disease since this exercise controlled breathing is practiced that helps to become aware of it at all times.

A smooth run. When you run, you put your arms in motion and mobilize the upper trunk area muscles to benefit your lungs. Part of the musculature in this area is involved in the breathing process.

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