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10 Salads With Extra Vitamins To Discover

Extra Vitamins: What if you added a few orange segments, a few melon slices, or a few avocado pieces to your usual salad? We discover how to surprise your palate and extra vitamins.

1. Add Antioxidants

Add a sweet touch to your salad by adding a few grapes. Extra Vitamins does not matter if they are black or white. In both, it’s content in vitamins B9 (folic acid), and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and sugars (glucose and fructose) stand out.

Extra: In case of constipation, eat them unpeeled and with seeds, since that is where the substances that promote intestinal transit are found.

2. Add “Good” Fats

Although avocado’s caloric intake is one of the highest fruits, the fats it contains are mostly monounsaturated.

72% of the total of them is oleic acid, the same that has olive oil.

Extra: Open it just before adding it to the salad, as the pulp turns black quickly.

3. Feed Your Muscles

Dress your salad with a few slices of banana. Its high content in potassium and low in sodium will take care of your cardiovascular health.

Although it contains many carbohydrates -which increases its caloric value, the banana is so small that you do not have to worry.

Extra: If you suffer from diarrhea, a ripe banana will help you cut the process thanks to the astringent action of the tannins it contains.

4. Flavor Without Calories

80% of melon is water, and the few calories it provides is due to its moderate sugar content.

Add a few pieces of this fruit; it will add a fresh and healthy touch to your salad.

Extra: Its antioxidant action depends on the amount of beta – carotene (orange color of the pulp) it contains.

5. Multiple Properties

Complete your salad with some apple slices. Its nutritional composition is one of the most balanced since none of its nutrients stand out above another.

Extra: The raw apple with skin is useful to treat constipation and, if you eat that same apple peeled, grated, and darkened, it will have the opposite effect.

6. Protects Your Heart

Pear is rich in potassium, which has vasodilating effects. This means that it is an excellent ally to keep blood pressure stable and therefore reduces the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Extra: If you are prone to fluid retention, the pear’s diuretic action will help you combat it.

7. Salad “Detox”

Add a few pieces of watermelon to combat the excesses of the weekend.

Its diuretic action favors the elimination of waste substances in the urine.

Extra: Watermelon seeds are very rich in dietary fiber, so they are an ideal option for occasional constipation.

8. A Plus of Vitamin C

Did you know that the WHO advises taking 60 milligrams of vitamin C a day and that 100 grams of strawberries already cover that recommendation?

A few pieces of strawberries not only add color to the salad, but they also enhance its antioxidant action by blocking the damaging effect of free radicals.

Extra: You can add the finishing touch with a balsamic vinegar drizzle with honey or a light yogurt sauce.

9. Anti-cholesterol Touch

Its vitamin C content is not the only thing that this fruit can boast of.

Adding a few wedges to your salad is an excellent way to add folic acid, potassium, and magnesium to your diet and reduce the accumulation of “bad cholesterol” (LDL) in the blood vessels.

Extra: If you lack iron ( iron deficiency anemia ), combine them with spinach, as it is absorbed much better this way.

10. An Exotic Point

Papaya is an excellent source of vitamin C. Still; it is also a source of pro-vitamin A, essential for vision, the superb condition of the skin, hair, mucous membranes, bones, and for the functioning of the immune system.

Extra: It is a useful ally in a weight loss diet thanks to the satiating effect of the fiber it contains.

Makeup Salads With Fruit for Extra Vitamins

The combination of fresh vegetables and fruits in the same dish is not something usual. Usually, the former is in charge of opening the menu in the form, such as a salad, while the latter are the queens of desserts.

We encourage you to break these “unwritten rules,” throw your imagination into it, and set out to create new recipes with new, surprising, and daring combinations.

To inspire you, we have compiled the 10 proposals you have seen, in which watercress, spinach, and lettuce share a plate with bananas, oranges, and strawberries.

A tip: Wait until the last moment to add the fruit. This way, you will prevent it from oxidizing, and it will be at the right moment when you sit down at the table.

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