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When Can You Practice Sports After Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation: After breast surgery, physical exercise is not recommended for about a month. However, this will depend on the doctor’s recommendation, the type of intervention, and the patient’s recovery process.

Suppose you have decided to increase your breast augmentation, and you are an athlete, or you usually do physical activity regularly. There are a series of recommendations to take into account before safely returning to your usual routine.

Did you know that running or tennis are some practices that you should avoid for a while? Or is it essential to wear the right sports bra?

The medical team reveals how and when to resume physical exercise and a series of tips to avoid problems during the recovery process. He thinks that strictly following the specialist doctor’s guidelines is the key to the success of the intervention.

1. When Can You Play Sports

If you are a person used to doing physical exercise, going through breast augmentation surgery is not going to be a problem. After a reasonable amount of time, you can resume your physical activity routine.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is to be strict about the recovery period prescribed by the doctor. As a general rule, it is advised not to practice any sports during the postoperative period, especially if the arms or abdomen are involved.

Always keeping this premise in mind and, once the recovery time is over, which will vary depending on each case, it is possible to exercise again in a month or month and a half, approximately, after having undergone the operation, as long as the surgeon deems the time is right.

Of course, sports practice should be resumed gradually and moderately, and, especially at the beginning, you should be especially careful with exercises that work your pectoral muscles.

2. What You Should Know Before Returning to the Routine

It is advisable to rest for at least seven days, not making any effort to guarantee a functional recovery and true healing.

After the first week, you can resume daily life progressively without making excessive efforts, avoiding sudden movements, or bearing weight. However, to play sports, you must wait a few more weeks.

It is recommended that before undergoing the operation, the surgeon is informed of the sports habit since it can affect the decision to place the implant above or below the pectoral muscle.

Athletes are usually recommended to place it under the muscle since these cases have more developed pectorals.

3. Factors to Consider

Regarding the period of inactivity before starting to practice sports again after an operation, it will be the surgeon who indicates the recovery times, which may vary depending on the following factors: The postoperative evolution of each patient.

The type of intervention: recovery is not the same if the incision has been around the areola or at the sub-mammary level. It also varies depending on the prosthesis and where it has been placed.

The correct follow-up of medical indications, which will speed up or slow down the healing process.

Other tips such as not smoking, not sunbathing, resting, or not exerting yourself will influence optimal recovery.

4. What Kind of Sport Can I Practice?

Above all, people who have breast surgery must internalize the importance of wearing the right sports bra that guarantees correct support. Some features that this garment should have design without underwire or specific for sports.

Considering this advice on equipment, you can resume the sports routine that should be done gradually. There are some sports that you can start practicing before others.

The sports to wait: Experts often advise against starting with exercises, such as running, the stepper (machine to go up and downstairs), HIIT (high-intensity interval training), or aerobic exercises.

This is because rapid or constant up and down movements can excessively impact the upper body, injuring, or leading to displacement or poor healing. To carry out this type of activity, you should wait at least two months.

It is also recommended to wait a couple of months to do contact, racket, or team sports such as soccer, basketball, etc.

The Sports You Can Do

The ideal is to perform low-intensity exercises that help maintain a toned and well-worked body, such as swimming or walking.

Likewise, yoga and Pilates, being low-impact disciplines, can be a good alternative during recovery to tone the body gradually and without impact.

Before exercising, it is recommended to do some stretching of the muscles of the chest and arms. Of course, before any discomfort or pain, it is advisable to stop the activity.

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