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Thinknoodles: Facts, Social Media Presence And Achievements

Justin Andrew Watkins (born: May 30, 1977 [age 43]), better known online as Thinknoodles (earlier Insiders Network), is a gamer on YouTube. He is primarily known for playing Minecraft (IGN: RealThinknoodles), ROBLOX (IGN: ImNotThinknoodles), Club Penguin, Pokemon, Poptropica (Username: Thinknoodles), and Webkinz (Username: Rleong) like he no longer does.

He has played numerous different games on this channel as well, such as Splatoon (IGN: Thinknoodl), the incident of Clans, Baldi’s Basics, House Flipper, Thief Simulator, Granny, Sims 4, Super Mario Maker (IGN: Thinknoodl). He likewise plays Hello neighbor-inspired games like a scary teacher. He has another channel called Thinknoodles best.

1. Quick Facts

Thinknoodles loves noodles (obviously!). He said that whether he didn’t have noodles as an alternative or didn’t like them, he’d probably be called “Thinkcoffee” rather since he likewise truly likes coffee.

His favorite number is 27. In an Ask Think video, he expressed that he doesn’t know why, yet whenever anyone asks him to choose a number, he generally chooses 27 without even thinking for reasons unknown.

His favorite color is Navy Blue, which he says, “Maybe boring but beautiful!”

Before Fame

In the early ’80s, his father anticipated computers’ future achievements and taught him and his sister how to utilize them from a young age. In a Draw My Life video, he revealed that he had a severe asthma case as a child growing up.

b. Trivia

He has collaborated with fellow YouTubers, for example, TheDiamondMinecart, Vikkstar123, and Graser10, among others. He possesses more than 6 million subscribers to his channel.

c. Family Life

His first name is Justin. He has a spouse named Rachelle. He is from Texas and departed moved to New York.

2. Thinknoodles Personal Life, Dating, Lover, Is He Married?

This star YouTuber hasn’t been too open about sharing details from his life, yet we have still managed to discover some fascinating realities about him. He is wedded to his college sweetheart Rachelle; the two met while in his second year in college, and he is a cousin of Thinknoodles’ close friends.

Unfortunately, there is no additional information about their relationship, such as when the two married and if they have kids together. Hopefully, Thinknoodles will share these particulars with his fans shortly.

3. Thinknoodles Social Media Presence

He has built his fame through YouTube, but since then, he has expanded his fame to social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Twitter. However, he can likewise be found on Facebook. His official Instagram page has over 300,000 followers. He has shared chiefly details from his personal life, such as pictures with his pet dog, among various posts.

He is additionally very popular on Twitter, with over 135,000 followers, and has utilized his popularity to promote his career endeavors, such as his recent “Minecraft Monday Minigames Tournament series,” among different posts. You can likewise discover him on Facebook, on which he has just under 30,000 loyal fans.

4. Achievements

His 5.3 million subscribers, while of April 2020, have created him one of the mainstream figures on YouTube. More than 306,000 people are following his self-named Instagram page.

Who Is Thinknoodles Wife?

Rachelle, aka Think’s Wife, does the voice acting in Think’s Lab as herself anyway. Think controls most of her character’s movement. In actuality, Rachelle worked as a surgeon and was born on January 22, 1983.

She uploaded a Roblox let’s play video where she was playing Fashion Frenzy on her birthday, January 22nd, 2017

  • She has done a face uncover on her Instagram.
  • Think is in the majority of her videos.
  • She is otherwise called “Think’s the better half.”
  • How much money does Thinknoodles have?
  • Thinknoodles Net Worth -$4.5 Million

Thinknoodles is a gaming YouTube channel run by a guy named Justin Watkins. He has an estimated total worth of $4.5 million. He used to be at first called Insiders Network.

5. Controversy: 9/11 Tweet

On August 15, 2020, Think to publish a tweet about the 9/11 memorial’s shape on Twitter.

“precisely realized that the 9/11 memorial reflecting pools are the Roblox logo.”

This angered many individuals, including his fans, because they thought he was joking about it and censured Think for the tweet. Youtuber Scrimzox creates a video on Think’s tweet and sympathizes with Think about the tweet, saying how it’s a reality.

Scrimzox was not the only average person during the tweet. A few people additionally concur with Think. One even expresses: “Checking on Google earth, he’s right!” Youtuber denk0 criticized Think for the tweet to matches. Think clarified multiple times that there was no joking concept in the tweet.

The tweet’s hate died down a couple of days later, and Think went returned to his daily gameplay videos.

Pets and Npc Friends

Thinknoodles has various pets and other named substances in his series, for example, Crazy Craft, Survival, Pixelmon, Think’s Lab, etc. Here is a list of them:


Naruko (deceased): A first dog possessed by Thinknoodles, yet tragically she burned to death in the lava about a mineshaft in part 11. At present, she relaxes in peace at the treehouse’s highest point within Think’s Survival Let’s Play.

Kopi (deceased): A dog in Think’s endurance Let’s Play, in Think’s Lab. This is likewise the name of Thinknoodle’s genuine Golden Retriever dog. Unfortunately, she passed away in actual on December 9, 2020. Her death was announced by Thinknoodles on a community post one day later.

Ferdinand: A dog with a red neckband in Think’s endurance Let’s Play.

Okura: A dog in Think’s Survival Let’s Play.

Spokane: A dog in Think’s Survival Let’s Play.

Naruko Too: It was Thinknoodles’ dog and named after Naruko (who burned to death in lava in part 11), but because of the renovation error, it turned into a feral dog, and now it’s tamed and possessed by his better half in Think’s endurance Let’s Play.

Kopy (or ‘kopi among y’ as Think calls her): It is a clone of one of the dogs (Kopi) in part 118 due to the Minecraft update glitch in Think’s Survival Let’s Play.


Fluffy: A tabby cat in Think’s endurance Let’s Play.

Socks: A tuxedo cat in Think’s endurance Let’s Play.

Maximus (deceased): A baby tabby cat who unhappily drowned in part 113 when to Think was building the yellow submarine. At present, he rests in peace at the octopus park (under the yellow submarine) in Think’s endurance Let’s Play.

Tom: A tuxedo cat in Think’s endurance Let’s Play.

Crookshanks: A tuxedo cat who lives within a pythoness hut among Hermione Granger (supercharged creeper) and Luna Lovegood (witch) in Think’s Survival Let’s Play.

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