8 Tips To Relieve Fast Knee Pain

Knee Pain: The tips we recommend below help prevent knee wear. Take them into account if you notice discomfort with the first outings. And if you already suffer from osteoarthritis, it will be the doctor who sets the tone for treatment, but these ideas can also alleviate knee pain.

1. In Bed, a Cushion Between My Legs

When osteoarthritis already exists, sleeping well becomes an impossible goal because of the knees “stick.” In pharmacies, you find orthopedic cushions (or use a small one) that prevent this friction.

2. Apply Cold or Heat as You Notice

Both are convenient, but you have to choose the right moment well. Place your hand on the knee, is it hot? Do you feel red? In that case, put some ice wrapped in a cloth to reduce internal swelling.

On the contrary, the notes stiff but not hot? Apply heat. Do it twice a day, but no more than 20 minutes.

3. The Self-massage That Feels Good to Your Knees

The femoral quadriceps muscle has a vital role in the knee: to allow (thanks also to the tendons that run through it) its extension and flexion. But when it’s overloaded, the knee becomes unstable and fails.

If the pain is mild but persistent, gently massage that muscle 20 minutes twice a week.

4. Pamper Your Intestines and Its Bacteria

For a long time, it has been thought that overweight people suffer osteoarthritis early due to the kilos’ impact. But now another reason is known:

They have more harmful bacteria in their intestines, causing joint inflammation and wear and tear. The importance of including probiotics (yogurt and other lactic ferments) and prebiotics (see right column) in the daily diet.

5. Sign Up for Tai Chi Sessions

This age-old practice based on slow and smooth movements has been shown to relax the joints and gain flexibility. Many specialists also recommend it for the following:

During the session, you release endorphins, a type of hormones that provide a feeling of well-being and, at the same time, feel very good for all the muscles (if it is compressed, contracted, the blood supply to the joint will improve thanks to it).

6. Sign Up for Tai Chi Sessions

These cheap and Mediterranean foods are high fiber prebiotics.

Including them in your daily diet (remember to make broccoli steamed and only for 3-4 minutes to avoid destroying their properties) improves the intestinal microbiota.

As you have seen, this is essential to reduce the internal inflammation that is also affecting that joint.

7. Footwear That Does Not Weigh

Many people consider the type of heel or the toe of the shoe when buying it, but they do not pay attention to another essential detail

Shoe weight. If it is cumbersome, your knees will have to put in extra effort every time you lift and flex your leg.

8. Don’t Miss Vitamins C, E, and D

Premature tissue oxidation appears to be behind joint wear.

Therefore, it is recommended to follow a diet rich in antioxidant vitamins, especially C, E, and D. Take plenty of fresh fruit, fish, eggs, spinach, nuts, almonds, and various seeds.

9. Knee Osteoarthritis Treatments

It seems that soon we will be able to leave behind the invasive treatments used until now to improve a knee with osteoarthritis.

Platelet-rich plasma is already used in many private centers to regenerate tissues from the stem cells of the blood itself. The procedure is expensive, and that stops it from also being applied in public health.

Block certain arteries. Embolization of the geniculated artery (studied in the United States) is postulated as another effective solution: some blood capillaries that bathe the knee are blocked, thus reducing pain.

Activate specific cells called resident mesenchymal cells, which are responsible for generating and regenerating cartilage. A thermal containing these cells previously extracted from the patient is injected.

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