Whitefish Helps You Take Care Of Yourself

Whitefish: It is shallow in fat, digestive, and delicious. If you do not know what to accompany it, choose the foods that best complement its nutritional qualities. We give you ideas, so you know how to combine the different types of white fish.

1. The Rooster and the Sole: With Cream of Peas

Fish are lower in fat and rich in minerals there. Its proteins are of high biological value (our body makes good use of them), but they are less abundant than other varieties.

If you accompany them with a garnish of cream of peas (sauteing and mashing them, once cooked, with tomato, garlic, and a tablespoon of olive oil), you will get more protein – and flavor – without hardly adding calories to the dish.

If you have cholesterol, It is widespread to coat it in flour and fry it. However, it would help if you baked the battered fish instead of putting it in the pan. Also, opt for more straightforward preparations, such as the papillote or the plate.

2. Cod: Try It With Sauteed Mushrooms

Contrary to what happens with the rooster, cod does provide a large amount of protein (and almost no fat) and rich in minerals and vitamins.

However, vitamin D, essential for your bones to absorb calcium, accumulates it in your liver, so you do not take advantage of it.

Accompany this fish with some shiitake mushrooms (now you find them in most supermarkets) sauteed with garlic and parsley, and you will ensure the contribution of this vitamin.

If you are hypertensive, Keep in mind that salted cod has a lot of sodium and could increase your tension. Opt for fresh or, if you choose a cod preserved in salt, keep in mind that you must cut its sodium intake in half by desalting it in water.

3. Hake: Better With Some Spinach

This whitefish provides just 65 calories per 100 grams. Also, it is very suitable for people who have cholesterol since it helps regulate it. However, its proportion of potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium is lower than in the rest of the fish.

To make it very nutritious, it is good to combine it with some spinach, rich in those minerals.
Suppose you suffer from osteoarthritis Better not abuse this green leafy vegetable, since it contains oxalates.

This substance can deposit in the form of crystals in the joints and worsen the disease. Another good option to add minerals to the fish is to accompany it with a little steamed cauliflower seasoned with a lemon vinaigrette.

4. Sea Bass Wins With Baked Tomato.

It is another of the leanest and most complete fish that exists. On the other hand, it is inferior in sodium (ideal for hypertensive people) and magnesium.

You can counteract the lack of this second mineral by accompanying it with some baked tomato slices (when cooking, it loses acidity and acquires a sweet flavor that goes very well with fish).

If you are concerned about the line, Keep in mind that this fish is considered “complete,” which means that it provides you with the nutrients you need. Do not hesitate to prepare it with salt with a little salad, a low-calorie dish, but very tasty.

Bury it in coarse salt, sprinkle with water, and bake but do not remove its scales so that the salt does not penetrate your meat.

5. Sea Bream, Grouper, Monkfish Take Care of Your Heart

Whitefish help prevents heart attacks. According to a recent study, consuming this type of fish (even if it is frozen) manages to reduce abdominal fat and hypertension, therefore reducing the risk of a cardiovascular accident.

Also, they keep diabetes away. Regular consumption of fish, blue or white, is linked to a lower concentration of blood glucose and reduces the risk of diabetes, another cardiovascular risk factor, according to the University of Valencia.

6. How to Tell if the Fish is Fatty or Lean

They are the bluefish that are famous for healthy, but whites are another great way to feed. They are equally delicious and nutritious and, also, they have less fat, which makes them more digestive.

Sardine, tuna, salmon, bonito, swordfish, mackerel, anchovy are all blue or fatty fish. They differ from white or lean by their fat content, which is higher.

While whites have a maximum of 2% body fat, blues have between 6 and 12% and provide more essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6.

There would be a third category in which the semi-fat would be, such as bream, trout, or mullet, between 2 and 5% of body fat.

7. Do You Want to Know How to Differentiate Them?

Look at his tail. Whitefish are sedentary, but bluefish travel great distances in the water to obtain food. So this second accumulates fat (which allows you to get more energy to swim) and has an inverted arrow-shaped tail to swim better. The white one is flat and rounded.

Whitefish has less than 2% body fat and bluefish between 6 and 12%

Look at its color. The lower amount of fat in white makes your skin especially shiny, and its meat is also different: blue meat has more myoglobin, a protein that provides oxygen to the muscle, and dyes it much darker.

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